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YogaRat Mat

YogaRat Mat Reviews

YogaRat was founded in 2008. The company is based in Santa Monica, California where it emphasizes fun. The company’s products are yoga-inspired and designed for people living an active lifestyle. YogaRat carries a wide variety of products which are made from quality materials and affordable. The company is concerned about the environment and uses non-toxic and eco-friendly materials to make its yoga mats and accessories and also utilizes minimal packaging.

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Yoga Mats are Important

A good yoga mat can significantly transform a person’s practice. It can provide comfort, support, and reliability. Knowing that the mat chosen meets the highest standards, is well-made, and is free from harsh chemicals is very reassuring to yogis. Yoga mats are lightweight and portable making it easy to practice yoga all over the world. People that travel can take their mat to a park or beach and do poses outdoors. This allows yogis to keep up their practice when they’re not home to do so.

Why YogaRat RatMat PRO is Special

The YogaRat RatMat PRO is unique because it’s 100% TPE. That means its nontoxic, recyclable, photodegradable, and moisture proof. Yogis wanting to make the most out of their yoga practice will appreciate a sturdy, slip-proof mat like the RatMat PRO. It’s made from Thermo Plastic Elastometer which grips the floor. This adds an extra level of safety for yogis.  It’s apparent in the materials they source for their yoga mats and the practices they carry out when manufacturing these items.

What Does it Cost?

A well-made yoga mat lasts for years and is worth the investment. The YogaRat yoga mat sells for as low as $49.99. It comes in a variety of colors including Purple, Charcoal, Olive, Turquoise, and SuperOM in Purple. Placed among such other moderately priced yoga mats available on the market, the YogaRat may is affordable. The PRO version, however, is double the price of the RatMat Classic and is made of PVC foam material.

Final Review of YogaRat Mat

YogaRat cares about its factory workers and customers alike and has a strong reputation for creating quality, affordable products and the RatMat PRO is a prime example of this. It’s made-to-last, easy to clean, and sweat-resistant. Yogis can take it into a hot room without any problem. Best of all, when it’s been worn out, it can be recycled with ease. There are no chemicals making the mat toxic or smelly. Thank you for reading our YogaRat Mat reviews.

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3 Reviews

  1. I think the YogaRat yoga mat is the best yoga mat I’ve ever tried. I am impressed with how much support it offers and it feels cool even when I’m sweaty. I think the YogaRat is a good value too.

  2. YogaRat yoga mats have been on some of my favorite yoga blogs in the past year so I decided to try one the next time I was due to buy a yoga mat. I think the YogaRat is everything folks in the biz say it is! It really helps me with slipping during class which is something I have struggled with with other yoga mats. The YogaRat prevents sliding around and even though I sweat quite a bit I have not had any issues with falling on this mat. I think it’s a keeper and a solid buy for anyone practicing yoga.

  3. Yoga mats can be tricky. I have purchased expensive models that are so heavy to lug around (if you live in a walking city) and others that are simply too thick for me to feel connected to the ground as I practice. I like that YogaRat sort of takes all of these issues and solves them. I think the YogaRat is a smart buy because it is durable and I know a few yogis who’ve had theirs for years. I practice about six times a week and this yoga mat is holding up well so far. See for yourself.

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