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Manduka PROlite

Manduka PROlite Review

Manduka, a company that prefers to use natural, sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable materials and green technologies, is the brainchild of Peter Sterios, an architect turned yogi. The company was founded in the late 1990s when the perfect black mat revolutionized his yoga practice. Wanting to offer the same type of comfort and support, Sterios set off on a mission to create an equally comfortable yoga mat and offered the first of his products to his teachers.

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Why Mats are Essential

Yoga is good for the mind, body, and soul. When participating in such a transformative pratice, the most important piece of equipment a person can have is a good yoga mat. Despite what many companies will lead you to believe, not all mats are created equally. Some are made of poor materials that deteriorate quickly with time. Others are not slip-proof which makes it dangerous to use them regularly. One pose is all it takes for a person to fall and be injured.

Why Manduka is Special

Every yoga mat and accessory is constructed conscientiously. Recycled polyester fabric is used to construct the company’s bags. The zippers are made from old plastic bottles. The eKO yoga mats are made from materials harvested from rubber trees. There is no toxic glue used to pollute the air. The PRO Series of mats like the PROlite are designed to last a lifetime. That keeps them in homes and studios and out of landfills. The company’s props are made from recycled wool fibers, sustainable cork, and natural unbleached cotton.

Costs and Pricing

At its lowest price, the Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat costs approximately $69.99. It is moderately priced compared to other brands of yoga mats. The cheapest brands cost anywhere from $8.99 up to $69.99. The more expensive Gaiam mats can cost over a hundred dollars. The PROlite comes in a variety of colors to choose from, including: Purple, Midnight, Moss, Brilliant, Glow, Thunder, Thyme, Embrace, Indulge, Pulse, Savor, and Thrive.

Final Review of Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

For comfort, support, and an environmentally-friendly yoga mat, Manduka delivers. From the company’s sustainable practices to the quality materials that make up its products, the PROlite is among the best yoga mats available. Anyone wanting to live a more active and eco-responsible lifestyle can benefit from buying from Manduka. Best of all, Manduka products are built-to-last, which guarantees a long, happy yoga practice for their customers. Thank you for reading our Manduka PROlite review.

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5 Reviews

  1. If you worry about sliding around on your mat, try the Manduka. This was my story for far too long. Now I actually enjoy practicing.

  2. For guys who do yoga I think the Manduka is the best bet. I like that the Manduka isn’t too thick which means you can actually feel the ground and feel stable when you are in a pose. You don’t have to try and grab the mat with your feet. This is a major plus the Manduka yoga mat has over competitors. I have tried several different styles and so far the Manduka is the best yoga mat for me and it prevents me from sweating and feeling like I’m about to fall. I think this is the best yoga mat available for men.

  3. I have been using the Manduka yoga mat for several months and recently purchased one for my mother who is starting yoga. I think Manduka is an awesome buy and it works for beginners and advanced yogis alike. I think the key with Manduka is it is completely resistant to sweat and slipping. I sweat a lot during hot yoga because the room temperature is cranked up to 95 degrees. It’s enough to get anyone sweating! Manduka is the only yoga mat I have ever used that stands up to a class this intense. I think Manduka is a great yoga mat and should definitely be on your short list.

  4. I found the Manduka mat and haven’t looked back since! If you want a supportive mat, this is the guy for you. I am stoked every time I do yoga because I’m not slipping like others.

  5. Why didn’t I find Manduka sooner? I am a guy who does yoga. This may seem the norm but what isn’t normal is how much I sweat during basic vinyasa classes. Don’t even get me started on hot yoga or Bikram yoga! I sweat a lot when I work out in general but with basic vinyasa I have to be stable in order to get the poses correct and build my strength. I am so happy Manduka was recommended to me by a fellow yogi. I think if Manduka can handle me, it can handle anyone’s sweat or yoga practice. It isn’t too thick either and makes me feel grounded throughout the practice so I am stable and can nail each pose with precision. I am a heavy guy so yoga isn’t the easiest for me but with the Manduka I am not slipping so I can try my best. I think Manduka is an awesome yoga mat and it’s ideal for those of us who sweat a little more than usual. You won’t feel unsteady throughout your class which makes you feel a lot more confident in poses. I really think Manduka works for anyone who is a yogi and if you forget your towel that day, it isn’t the end of the world.

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