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Jade Fusion

Jade Fusion Yoga Mat Review

JadeYoga was founded in 2002 by Dean Jerrehian but has roots dating back as early as the 1970s. Jade Industries, Inc., made non-slip, natural rubber rug pads for area rugs. Yogis purchased the products to use as yoga mats. The first yoga mats were actually rugs which were slippery and dangerous to use. JadeYoga saw it as an opportunity to revolutionize the marketplace by designing the first natural rubber yoga mat, the Harmony.

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Yoga Mats are Important

One of the most important pieces of equipment a person can acquire when starting their yoga practice is a good, sturdy yoga mat. If the type of yoga that is being done produces sweat, a slip-resistant mat is a necessity to prevent accidents. This is especially true if the yoga is being done in a hot room. Natural rubber mats are ideal because they are resilient and comfortable. They have more cushion and come from a renewable resource. They are free from harmful PVCs which pollute the air and cause a myriad of health problems in people.

Why Jade Fusion Yoga Mat is Special

The Jade Fusion Yoga Mat is superior because it is 5/16 inches thick which gives yogis a comfortable place to practice. It is ideal for yoga, Pilates, and other core fitness practices. It’s made from open cell, natural rubber which stays in place even after it gets wet from perspiration. Mats are made in the USA. They are created in compliance with US environmental and labor laws. The company has a partnership with Trees for the Future which plants one tree for every mat purchased.

What Does it Cost?

Yogis will agree that no cost is too high for the perfect yoga mat. In terms of price, the Jade Fusion Yoga Mat is on the higher end when compared to its competition. These mats sell for as low as $116.95 which is similar in price to some of Gaiam’s mats. The Fusion comes in a variety of colors including: Midnight Blue, Purple, Olive Green, and Sedona Red. There is also 74 inch mat for taller yogis. Although the price seems high, the quality reaches the same height.

Final Review of Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

Comfort is key to practicing yoga. In order to calm the mind and coerce the body into poses and meditation, one must be able to sit, stand, bend, and crouch on a mat with ease. The Jade Fushion yoga mat is cushioned and slip-proof. It provides a safe place for yogis to practice yoga day in and day out. Regardless of the type of yoga, the Fusion serves as the perfect equipment for men and women to use. Thank you for reading our Jade Fusion Yoga Mat review.

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4 Reviews

  1. Yoga is a breeze with the Jade yoga mat. I am a flip-flopper when it comes to yoga but the Jade mat has made me go more often because my body feels secure on the mat.

  2. I have toyed with the idea of getting a new yoga mat for some time. I don’t really need one quite yet but I am going to yoga more and I can see my mat is starting to wear down in certain places. I started researching which mat to buy but there are so many out there! Jade stuck out because everyone kept saying how easy they are for any type of class. I used to do Bikram yoga but I moved to a different area without a Bikram studio nearby. I have wanted to pick it up again but sometimes just in a hot yoga class my old mat couldn’t take the heat (lol). I would slip and slide all over the place and who wants that? I knew if I was going to start Bikram yoga again I had to get a better mat and I ended up going with Jade. It is well worth the money and I am glad I bought it when I did. I am not slipping all over the place, even when I don’t use a yoga towel. This is a great mat and a smart buy for anyone who wants a nice mat for a good price.

  3. Jade was the first yoga mat I used then I switched because I gave the Jade to my niece who was home from college and loved the feel. Big mistake! Now I have my own because I love it that much!

  4. There is something about shopping for a new yoga mat that exhausts me. At this point there are so many on the market to choose from I often turn to reviews to help me with what I need to buy. I was happy to see so many great reviews for the Jade and I can now add my own review to the mix. It’s another happy report for Jade since it is the only yoga mat I’ve ever been able to find that does not allow me to slip during vinyasa. I know this is not an issue for most but if it is, Jade is the yoga mat for you.

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