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Aurorae Mat

Aurorae Yoga Mat Review

Aurorae is a family owned business and a trusted name. It was started in 2009 by Dennis Ingui, a yoga student and cancer survivor. The company’s line of yoga mats, accessories, and apparel are extremely popular on retail websites like Amazon.com. Ingui started the company as a way to regain health and develop peace of mind. The company takes pride in its excellent reputation and superior customer service skills. Perhaps Aurorae makes the perfect mat for you.

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Why Mats are Important

A good yoga mat provides comfort and support to yogis. It cushions the hips and buttocks and helps keep the spine straight. A slip-proof yoga mat prevents injuries from occurring to yogis. As body and room temperatures rise, men and women sweat. Their mats become soggy from perspiration. This makes them slippery and hard to keep in one place. Slip-proof maps have grips on the bottom of them that stick to the floor. This allows the yogi to move freely without concern of falling and injuring themselves.

Why Aurorae Yoga Mat is Unique

Superior thickness and specially designed memory foam are what make the Aurorae yoga mat ideal. It protects knees and joints which allows for maintaining great balance. Any indentions that are made in the mat disappear with time. The Latex-free material is safe and the color choices allow each yogi to focus on their inner self. Color options include: Midnight, Violet, Earth, Ruby Red, Solar, Camarone Green, Crown, Hope, Infinity, Royal Plum, and Sea Mist.

Costs and Pricing

The Aurorae Classic is low cost when compared to other yoga mats. It is priced as low as $35.00 which is very inexpensive when matched to equal mats offered by competitors. Anyone on a fixed budget can benefit from the Classic. It’s a great beginner’s mat. It offers peace of mind because of its sturdy construction. No one likes to purchase an item that wears out too quickly. Aurorae keeps this mind and strives to create better, more durable products each and every year.

Final Review of Aurorae Yoga Mats

The Aurorae yoga mat is built-to-last. It can handle regular use and is compact, lightweight, and easy to clean. It’s the type of yoga mat you can use for years without replacing. Aurorae wants its customers to be happy, healthy, and well-balanced. That is reflected in its business practices and the quality yoga products that it creates. The company recognizes how unique each yogi is and that is why it offers a wide variety of colors of the Classic yoga mat to choose from. Thank you for reading our Aurorae Yoga Mat review.

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One Review

  1. My favorite yoga instructor uses Aurorae which is what made me look into it. I’d tried two previous yoga mats. One was a wreck while the other was just OK, but now I am practicing more often. In order to motivate myself to continue to practice I wanted to invest in a high quality mat. I borrowed said instructor’s mat one day and I fell in love with Aurorae. I knew I would like it once I started practicing but what I am so impressed with is how it is holding up. I was quickly running through the old mats and I know it was because the materials weren’t as good as Aurorae. I primarily do vinyasa and hot yoga but I do take in the occasional Bikram class and I can honestly say Aurorae looks as good as it does when I bought it. I am really happy with Aurorae and I think it’ a wise investment for any yogi looking to upgrade their yoga mat. Aurorae is a trusted brand and when I practice at a more hardcore yoga studio, I see a lot of yogis with this mat and it has the green light from my instructor so it was an easy choice for me!

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