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Yoga Used To Relieve Neck Pain

Horizontal and Vertical Neck Rotations

Simply turn your head to the left and then to the right. Continue this for 20 to 100 repetitions, with each turn being 1 rep. Do it slowly, but feel free to speed up as you get into the groove of it. It will loosen up your neck and relieve pent-up tension. Consider it your warm-up routine. For vertical rotations, stand up straight and then pivot your chin down to your chest while keeping your spine erect and chest lifted. Now slowly look up while keeping the rear portion of your neck long. Repeat this for 20 to 100 repetitions. Make sure to inhale and exhale with each rep.

Circular Neck and Ear Stretches

This is where things get a bit more intense. Pretend that the tip of your nose is covered in paint and a sheet of paper is floating right tin front of you. Now use the tip of your nose to draw a circle on that piece of paper. Feel free to make the circle smaller or larger with each cycle. Repeat for at least 20 to 100 repetitions, and make certain you take your time and breath properly. For your ears, slowly pull your left ear toward your left shoulder, and make certain you feel the stretch in your neck. Now bring your head back up and pull it toward the right. Repeat this for 20 to 100 repetitions. It will release tension by stretching your neck.

Neck/Shoulder/Arm Stretches

Stand up straight and then drop your chin to your chest. Now slowly and gently roll your head over toward your left shoulder. Once you reach the shoulder, go a tad over and beyond it for an extra stretch. Repeat this in the other direction.This particular exercise requires a belt. You’ll need to hold a belt and then pull it over your head with both hands. Make certain that you hold it so that your palms are facing away from each other. Hold the belt as high as you can, and then slowly bring your chin down to your chest. Pull your head back up and then repeat 20 to 100 times. It will stretch the rear portion of your neck and relieve any pain.

Rotations And Stretches

If done properly, these exercises combined should relieve any and all neck pain. However, it is best if you perform them on a regular basis regardless of pain, as doing so is equivalent to preventative healthcare. It will strengthen your neck and reduce the likelihood of you experiencing pain in the future. If any pain persists, however, you may need to see a chiropractic surgeon. Also, avoid performing these exercises if the pain is severe, as these are only meant for the light, normal pains associated with daily living.