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Understanding Yoga Principals

Physical Principles

Never rush a yoga session. Take your time and maintain a pace that suits you. Also, avoid postures that bring you pain. Yoga should be about relief, not grief. In fact, if you experience any form of pain during a pose or movement, stop immediately and try something else. Take advantage of supportive props if needed, and be sure to push for total and unequivocal relaxation of your mind and spirit. This is what will inspire the healing and rejuvenation that you need.

Breathing Principles

Make sure you breathe smoothly and into the belly as you perform yoga. Never hold your breath, unless of course the instructor advises you to do as such. Overall, you want your breathing to be relaxed, comfortable and consistent. If it becomes strained, then this means you are likely trying too hard and need to slow your pace and reconsider your routine. You should breath as comfortably as if you were just lounging around on the couch.

Environment & Mental Principles

Before you start practicing yoga, remove all distractions from your environment. Turn off your mobile phone, television, stereo and computer. Encourage your roommates or family members to leave you uninterrupted. Feel free to put a “Do Not Disturb” near any and all entryways into your workout room. Remember that yoga is designed for self-exploration. Yoga is not a traditional workout. You are not trying to knock out a certain number of reps or reach a desired weight on the bench press. Rather, it is about pulling off the general pose in a way that is suitable and beneficial to your body. Simply put, it should not be mechanical in any way, shape or form.

Social & Performance Principles

Refrain from comparing yourself to anybody else as this is to be an individual exercise. It is about how you feel and not about beating anybody else or proving your worth. It is not about out-performing your friends, classmates or family. It is about finding inner peace by tapping into the wonderful energy that resides deep within you. Make certain you perform yoga is a slow, steady and consistent manner. Also make certain you remain fully aware of yourself and your environment. Push for progress, not perfection.

Piecing It All Together

Yoga is an extraordinary physical art. It is meant to focus your inner energy, awaken your consciousness and free you from the world’s many limits. Take your time, breath properly, remove distractions and maintain a positive, focused attitude. If you practice yoga correctly, you will slowly but surely learn to use yoga to re-energize your body, mind and spirit. Finally, remember that the focus ought to be on quality and not quantity. Endeavor to perform a few poses perfectly.