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How to Clean a Yoga Mat

Wipe It Daily With A Cleaning Solution

If you partake in yoga on a daily basis, then it’s inevitable that sweat and grime is going to accumulate on it. One simple way to deal with this entails wiping it down daily with a cleaning solution. Buy yourself some multipurpose solution. Then everyday after you get done with your yoga, simple spray the solution onto the mat and wipe it down. If you do this everyday, the mat will stay in perfect condition.

Wash It Regularly With A More Meticulous Technique

Every once in a blue moon, it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and meticulously cleanse your yoga mat. You can do this by spraying it down in a shower tub or even outdoors on the patio. Or you can even toss it into a washing machine. Just make sure that you take the mat out of the machine before it begins its spin cycle. The stress from the cycle could wind up tearing the mat apart, which would be a major bummer. Washing your mat regularly ensures that its safe to use and remains free from germs and bacteria.

Scrub It With A Homemade Solution

A tablespoon of liquid detergent mixed with a gallon of lukewarm water makes a great cleaning solution. You can also try a more complex solution with some sort of tea tree essential oil, which are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Make a spray by putting exactly three drops of tea tree oil, four drops of lavender for therapeutics and three drops of environmentally friendly and antibacterial grapefruit seed extract into a spray bottle. Then fill the remainder of the body with water and shake it thoroughly. Once done, lightly spray your mat after you workout and then wipe it down. The solution will clean it, as well as leave it smelling delightful.

Clean, Dry And Repeat

Cleaning a yoga mat is exceptionally simple. Do it daily and you will only need to thoroughly cleanse it once in a blue moon. Make sure you completely rinse it off afterwards as leftover residue will make the mat slippery. Most importantly, make certain you thoroughly dry it before you use it to exercise again. Also, ensure that it gets enough time to dry before you store it. Your best bet, in fact, is to just leave it out to dry until you want to workout again. Then use it, wash it and hang it out to dry again.