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Vivint Security

Vivint Reviews

Vivint Reviews

Finding a security system that provides peace of mind above and beyond home security can be difficult. The Vivint security system is a simple, yet affordable security system that works to protect you in an energy efficient way. The easy to use SkyControl panel allows you to control the security system with the touch of a button, and includes thermostat and power control options that you manage via smartphone or tablet.

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Wireless Security Cameras & Home Security

Twenty years ago, being able to see what was happening in one’s home was very expensive to achieve. But now, the advent of wireless cameras has made it super easy to watch your property when away from home. While wireless cameras alone are a nice way to monitor and document activity in a particular location, their features and usefulness are greatly enhanced when coupled with a security system.

Mobile Integration & Features

It seems like these days everyone has a smartphone or tablet. And with a Vivint Security System, you can use your phone or tablet to monitor your home with just the touch of a button. This is because Vivint offers streaming video; a technologically advanced home security feature. Many of the wireless security app features also allow users to record with the camera upon command, which can be done from anywhere you have an internet connection.

What Does It Cost

Staying safe is what everyone wants, and Vivint brings to you affordable home security. The cost for a Vivint security system can vary depending on the package that is selected. However, Vivint is affordable on any budget as it offers packages as low as $53.99 per month. Certain packages also come with a free wireless camera.

Final Review of Vivint

Through Vivint’s home management system, you can live life with peace of mind . The system not only helps protect you from burglars or thieves, it also allows you to control multiple aspects of your home, all from the touch of a button. The system also allows for wireless cameras to be coupled with the security system, which is a great way to monitor and record activity on your premises. Thank you for reading our Vivint reviews.

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4 Reviews

  1. I bought Vivint after seeing a show on what housekeepers and nannies do to the home while you’re away. I am new to the area and still settling on both things (I use different babysitters right now but want to find someone I can use permanently). I am a busy working mom and I have tried to go through certain sites that claim to screen and train people but this has still resulted in some less-than-professional people showing up at my door. With Vivint I can keep watch on my home when I am away and I make it clear to every person that I do have access to watch the home at all times.

  2. We decided we wanted a few security cameras at our gym to watch employees and client interaction. Vivint allows me to watch my business even when I’m not there and I can handle problems accordingly.

  3. My sister and I moved in together after I moved back to town and she was going through a divorce. We are both alone a lot because I work as a bartender and work very late hours and she is a teacher and gone all day (while I am sleeping). Because of this we thought a wireless security camera would be a good thing so we can check on each other without disturbing the other and check on the cars too. I chose Vivint because people had a lot of good things to say about it online and I have to say it is worth every penny for us to feel safe.

  4. If you are a small business owner looking for a way to have eyes everywhere, Vivint is the way to go. This wireless security camera makes it easy to watch your register and employees and even the parking lot.

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