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ADT Security

ADT Reviews

ADT Reviews

A Safety is a top concern and priority for many individuals living in the world today. Not only is staying safe while at home something that many people yearn for but knowing that one’s home is safe and secure when one is away from home is also of utmost concern. While there are many types of security systems on the market today, ADT is a reputable security company that has been around for decades and has been at the cutting edge of security systems since its inception.

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Wireless Security Cameras & Home Security

Since technology has made it very easy to document activity using video and photos it only makes sense that this type of technology should be applied when it comes to home security systems. Wireless security cameras are simple yet secure ways for individuals to monitor what is going on in their home when he or she is not there. The devices are so small that they go unnoticed, yet the footage is still good quality and can be easily viewed in case of emergency.

Mobile Integration & Features

Just as there are cameras on many mobile devices, so too are there apps on these devices that allow one to easily connect directly to the feed of a wireless security camera. In most cases, not only is one able to check the feed of a wireless camera from an app, but one is even able to control the camera directly from their phone. Mobile devices also allow for recording to be easily set up by the click of a button as well, which provides the utmost documentation possible, especially should the footage need to be used in the Court of Law in the future.

Why ADT is a Great Choice

Protecting others and keeping people safe is what ADT does best. As one of the original security companies, ADT has been innovating home security for a number of decades and as such is always looking for ways to improve its services. Not only do customers of ADT get 24/7 home security, but the service also provides unique features such as Cell Guard, which keeps security lines lives, and 2-Way Voice, which allows individuals to speak to an ADT representative directly through the touch keypad should an emergency arise.

What Does It Cost

ADT has always prided itself in providing a high-quality service at a low cost. As a result there is an ADT package that is suitable for every need. Packages start as low as $36 per month and increases in cost depending on the number of services one desires. ADT also provides wireless security cameras, but also allows homeowners to use their own should they desire. Although ADT is priced low, an individual knows that one can never spend too much on safety.

Final Review of ADT

When it comes to protecting one’s life and property, it only makes sense to select the best out there. ADT is a security company that really takes your security seriously. They are not a company that simply sets up the system and then leaves. Through ADT’s customer assistance program, you are sure to have security coverage 24/7. With wireless security cameras, added to provide for optimal security, and an emergency medical assistance feature, you know your security protection will always be at 100%! Thank you for reading our ADT review.

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3 Reviews

  1. I discovered ADT Security wireless security cameras after going on a couples’ trip with several other people. One family had this wireless security camera in their home and though their teens were home alone, they were able to see what the kids were up to, who was visiting, what time they were getting in bed and other things the kids probably don’t want the parents to know. It may sound dramatic, but our kids are seldom home alone because we don’t feel it’s safe but I did want cameras in my backyard which opens to a large wooded area. I think ADT Security offers everything you need from a wireless security camera and it is the reason so many people have rave reviews about it online. ADT Security really gets the job done and the cutting edge technology is an awesome feature that makes it easy to keep watch on your home, no matter where you are. Like I said, we were in a trip in Wisconsin and their home is in Nebraska, and they were able to keep watch. This makes it well worth the time and money spent installing ADT Security and I am sure most parents would agree this is a good precaution to take to keep your kids and home safe.

  2. ADT Security is one of the most talked about wireless security cameras for a reason. It works well every time you check on your property. I put it in my dry cleaning business and I love it so far.

  3. I am really happy with everything we’ve been able to do with ADT Security so far. It is a great wireless security camera that I can see will hold through everything. As long as you are somewhere with an Internet connection ADT Security is able to connect and that is impressive for those who spend time away from home. We aren’t as home as much as we’d like and we like to be able to check the babysitter and when our older kids get home from school, as well as who they have over. ADT Security makes all of this possible and it seems like technology is finally on the side of parents too!

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