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Are Wireless Security Cameras Worth It?

Understanding Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras exist to provide enhanced security. They let you peep in on unprotected areas and make certain that everything is as it should be. More importantly, they let you do this wirelessly without any pesky cables. However, the question still remains — what makes these wireless systems more beneficial than traditional security cameras?

Features & Benefits

Wireless security cameras offer great quality. They provide high-definition video and audio capture, which makes it much more easy to identify criminals, objects and more. Plus, no loss in quality is experienced during the recording process.  Another plus is that these cameras can configured so that you can access them from anywhere. This is a lot more comforting than having to wait until you get home to review the footage. Finally, they’re cost efficient. Traditional security systems can cost bundles of money. A simple wifi cam, on the other hand, requires nothing but the cam and a wireless network.

Flexible Placement

A wireless cam can be placed anywhere, so long as it is within range of the wireless network’s router or modem. You can place it over the front doorway, on your roof, over your garage, inside your home, etc. You can position it any spot you desire. Try to look for 802.11N compatible routers to take advantage of the best wifi ranges. Another related advantage is the fact that you need zero cables, save for a power cord. This means you don’t have to run coaxial cables throughout your entire home. So long as the camera can access a power port of some sort, it’s good to go.

Advanced Features

Several brands of wifi security cams offer advanced features like motion/audio detection. Some remain off until they detect motion or sound, at which point they start recording. This can save you a lot of hardware space. Others sound an alarm the moment they detect anything and are good for scaring off would-be intruders. The most advanced cams support heat detection. Even the slickest, quietest and slowest-moving criminal cannot hide from one of these cams. Keep in mind that most department store cams don’t have this feature.

Benefits Galore

Wireless security cameras are very advantageous over their traditional counterparts. They offer better image/audio capture, superior image quality, enhanced accessibility and a bevy of hardcore features. Plus, they are actually cheaper than their more complex peers. If you decide to invest in some cams, just make certain you do your research and thoroughly compare all the choices. While they may be better as a whole, not all wifi cams are equal. Plus, not all of them are built for the same purpose. Suffice it to say, make sure you don’t mistake a regular wireless cam for a wireless security camera.