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Scare Burglars away with the Right Gear

Traditional, But Effective

The easiest way to deter criminals involves setting up a traditional but effective home security system that sounds an alarm and alerts authorities the moment it detects an intrusion. These systems usually also come with lawn signs. Criminals who see such a sign will usually walk right past your home, because they know that trying to burglarize it would be too risky and thus not worth the effort.

Wedges With Bite

Imagine that a burglar tries to break through your front door with blunt force. He kicks the door and suddenly begins to head the large barks of a menacing pitbull. Here’s the catch: you don’t have a pitbull! What you have is a wedge alarm positioned behind the door. As soon as it detects brunt-force attempts at entry, it lets out a 120dB siren laced with the sound of a barking dog. Pretty neat, right?

Non-Televised Entertainment

If you approach a home and hear the TV blazing in the background, you assume somebody is home, plopped on the couch with a remote in his or her hand. Now imagine a device that fakes it — that mimics changes in scenery (fades, swells, flicks) just like an average HDTV. This is what is known as a fake TV deterrent, and it is a worthwhile high-tech gadget that can and does often deter burglars from striking.

Dummy Surveillance

Setting up a surveillance system can be costly. How about instead setting up a dummy surveillance system? When a burglar sees a camera, he or she immediately freezes up. The assumption is that somebody is watching. With a dummy surveillance system, however, nobody is watching. The relatively budget-friendly system works by tricking burglars into thinking they are dealing with a real security system.

Showtime At Your Home

Burglars hate bright lights. Nothing scares a nighttime burglar away like a spotlight shining on them like they are at the Apollo. One way to replicate this is to buy motion-sensor lights and install them around your home. This obvious is a tad pricey, but it works like a charm. As soon as a burglar approaches your home, the spotlight goes up. The very best sensors can detect motion from as faraway as 22 feet!

Timed Living

If you ever need to leave home for a few days to go on vacation or a business trip, make sure you invest in a timed indoor lighting system. It basically turns your lights on and off based on the time of day. This makes it appear like somebody is home. The lights go on in the early evening hours and then go off right around bedtime. It mimics the way your lights would function if you were home.

Right Gear And Righteous Fear

If you piece all of these technologies together — a traditional security system, wedge alarms, fake TV, spotlights and indoor lighting — there is practically no way that a burglar will take the risk of burglarizing your property. Burglars are cowards are heart. They don’t want to deal with people. They want to deal with easy-to-get objects.