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Bridging Time and Space With Wireless Cameras

Many Uses

Wireless cameras carry many uses besides security. You can chat with people from around the world. You can spy on your friends. You can even use wireless cameras to track the nature of animals and birds. The question still remains — what makes a wireless camera worth purchasing? What qualities and characteristics should you seek in a wireless camera?

Top-Of-The-Line Features

The very best wireless cameras bridge time and space by incorporating great features. These include a high maximum resolution and field of view coupled with motion detection, pan/tilt technology, modifiable video parameters, digital zoom, Internet monitoring and intercom systems. Likewise, wireless cameras built mainly for security purposes usually host even more advanced features like heat sensors, door/window sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, motion sensors, freeze sensors and more. When it comes to features, the more the merrier!

Exemplary Recording And Viewing

A wireless camera should be able to record video with high-quality audio and visual resolution. It should also ideally be able to stream this video live to a Web browser on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. It helps too if the camera can be positioned pretty much anywhere in a room without too much difficulty. One nice feature found among really good cams happens to be infrared technology. This permits you to get accurate color reproduction in nighttime conditions. These sorts of wireless cams are especially useful for observers of nature, i.e., hunters and whatnot.

Usability and Support

A quality wireless camera should not be impossible to master. If anything, it should be relatively easy to figure out, given that you have some basic knowledge of wireless technology. The best cams offer a minimal amount of configuration settings and a very intuitive and self-explanatory setup process. Speaking of usability, it helps if the camera comes from a company that provides topnotch customer and technical support. You want to be able to consult a manual, read troubleshooting tips or speak directly with a representative if you encounter a problem that you just cannot solve, no matter how hard you try.

Theft Resistance

If you want to place a wireless camera somewhere outdoors, you need to ensure that it is IP66 rated, meaning it can withstand dust, direct sprays of water and minor drops. The camera should also contain some sort of anti-vandal features like cable-pass-through brackets. There are some features that every wireless camera should possess, regardless of its intended use. These include a high resolution, a nice field of view and good recording/streaming capabilities. However, it doesn’t hurt to also keep an eye out for cameras that offer advanced security protection, superior customer service and weather resistance.