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Outdoor Tech OT1000

Outdoor Tech OT1000 Reviews

Outdoor Tech moves to the beat of a different drummer. Rather than hit you over the head with technical jargon and other such schematics, this Los Angeles-based company approaches the business of technology with its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. However, don’t let their somewhat irreverent attitude fool you. They’re serious about producing quality equipment. And one of the best ways that they demonstrate this is through their Outdoor Tech OT1000 earbuds.

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A Simple Design to Provide Simply Terrific Sound

There is nothing overtly fancy about the Outdoor Tech OT1000’s dogtag-style earbuds. The lightweight†design, however, does give them a rather sleek appearance that doesn’t look clunky or awkward. This clutter-free motif naturally extends to the device’s sound properties. The device itself is capable of providing clear, clean audio for a 30 foot range. This is a very important feature if you are planning on being active wearing them, since it won’t necessarily require you to clip the source on your person.

Carry on a Conversation with Relative Ease

The Outdoor Tech OT1000 comes fully equipped with a built-in microphone. This component allows the earbuds to†work ideally†as a means to make and receive hands-free calls from anywhere as long as you are connected with your smartphone. Plus, the volume on the device is easily adjustable, so you will have no problem hearing the voice on the other end. This component is a huge feature for those on-the-go types that don’t want to slow down in order to take care of business.

Clips to Ensure the Device Won’t Go Anywhere

The Outdoor Tech OT1000 is designed for those that adhere to an active lifestyle. As such, they have prepared for such clientele by making sure the earbuds are able to be secured even during the most rigorous of activities. Each device comes with removable over the ear sport clips designed to keep the buds in place regardless of movement. This allows even the most active of users to freely move about without fear of the gizmo popping loose and potentially ending up in a precarious situation.

Final Review of Outdoor Tech OT1000

Outdoor Tech’s OT1000’s†sleek and minimal design keeps things simple and from getting too awkward. At the same time, the device’s ear clips ensure their overall security when the user is out and about doing activities. With additional features like a nice wireless range of 30 feet and hands-free microphone capabilities, it is a gadget that you can and should take seriously. Thank you for reading our Outdoor Tech OT1000 reviews.

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