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Finding Web Hosting That Is Right for You

Web Hosting is Needed

Web hosting is necessary for any website. Without it, people will not be able to access your website on the internet. There are four different types of web hosting. Using the information provided, you will be better equipped to choose the type of web hosting that is right for you.

Co-location Hosting

This type of hosting allows you to have a server in a data center owned by somebody else. They will provide the power, IP address and internet. Your job is to maintain the server yourself. You will have full control over it. If you own a business and you want the benefits that come with having large IT department without the costs, this option is for you. If you are interested, you will need to find a data center that is near your office. You will also need to find someone to maintain the server.

Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting, you will lease a server from a web hosting company for a monthly or yearly fee. Similar to co-location hosting, you will have complete and sole control of the server but it will still belong to the company. They will handle everything, including maintenance. If you have a very large website, this is probably the right type of hosting for you. If you have a website that requires a lot of traffic, transfers a lot of data or is expected to grow exponentially in a short amount of time, then you should look into this type of hosting.

In-House Hosting

In-house hosting works just like it sounds. You host your own servers in your own building. In order to engage in in-house hosting, you will need your own space and a team of IT professionals to maintain your servers. Most major corporations use in-house hosting. Be forewarned, however, this option is costly, and is only recommended for companies that have the right stream of income and sufficient funds that they can dedicate to such a big project.

Shared Hosting

This is most common and inexpensive hosting choice. With shared hosting, you share a server with several other people. All of you are renting a certain amount of space on the server. You are only in control of your website. The company takes care of everything else. Shared hosting can cost only a few bucks a month. If your website is a personal project, you run a business and you are on a budget, then this is the right type of web hosting for you.

Making a Final Decision

When deciding on the type of hosting that best suits your needs, you must remember to calculate the cost of not only money but time that you will have to put into your web hosting. If you need to pay someone to maintain your server, you should add their salary into the cost of hosting so that you know what you are spending on a regular basis. Be sure to pick a plan that is right for you and within your budget. You can always upgrade if you need to.