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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Review

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro comes from a company that has been in the business of developing and distributing multimedia software since 1993. They have more than 13 million registered users. They have received more than 1,000 rewards worldwide. They are a best in class video editing software because they produce a product that hits the mark with consumers, plus they offer excellent service.

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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Mobile Video Editing

Purchasing a copy of the program gives you access to a mobile version of the program that can be used to edit the videos you take with your tablet, but it is optimized for Windows 8 tablets. There are a number of built in templates you can use to make your project easier, but you also have the option to start from scratch, or to continue working on an existing video. You can also edit audio from within the program, so you can use a number of audio tracks to accompany your video.

Advanced Editing Features

There are a number of advanced editing techniques available, including: picture in picture, movement effects, time stretching, effects and transitions, titles and subtitles, and more. Many of these options are not necessary for simple projects, but are nice to have for more complex projects. 3D editing is also available in the program. You will find these features easy to use and enjoyable as well.

Cost of Magix MovieEdit Pro

The greatest aspect of Magix MovieEdit Pro is its cost; for around $49.99 or less you are getting a software package that will do exactly what you need it to do. It is trim, fast and flexible. Plus it is cheaper than other offerings in the market place. So buy with confidence today from a reputed company that has your best interest in mind.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Sharing Options

A number of video formats are available, and you can create videos that work with a number of portable devices. You can export videos to Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. If you don’t want to host on a video site, you can export to an online library hosted by MAGIX. Plus, you can always burn DVDs and Blu-Ray disks. So no matter what, you are going to serve up video any way you want it!

Final Review of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro offers a number of great features to anyone who wants to create videos with their home computer. This one comes with an added bonus of a program for your tablet, something that many others in the industry do not have. The company that makes Movie Edit Pro stands behind their product 100% and offers great customer service. Thank you for reading our MAGIX Movie Edit Pro review.

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7 Reviews

  1. As an Internet marketer, I do a lot of work with YouTube. For people running their online business on a tight budget, free video editing software is quite a tempting option, but as I always tell my clients, you get what you pay for. The reality is, posting poor quality videos is much worse than not posting videos at all. If you want to position yourself as an expert, the last thing you need to do is skimp on the quality of videos you create and post. That does not mean you need to go out and max out your credit cards on the most expensive video editing software out there, it just means you need to do a bit of homework. I have cycled through a number of video editing programs, and I have found that MAGIX offers the best balance between cost to purchase, and end result video quality. My clients who have used it all get compliments on how well done their videos are, and are even asked about the software they use on a regular basis. Best of all? It’s really easy to use. So easy in fact, that my eight year old could do it. It doesn’t require any special computer expertise to use.

  2. I’ve been recording video for years, as a personal hobby. I have watched video editing software evolve quite dramatically over the last decade. I used to switch programs any time something new and fancy came out. The last time I switched was three years ago, when I found MAGIX. This is the perfect balance of features, speed, and ease of use. It has a nice, affordable price tag, too. It does cost more than the free programs, obviously, but because it offers so much more, it is worth the investment; especially if you want to save time putting your projects together.

  3. As a professional photographer, one of the extra services I offer my clients is a DVD movie with photos of their wedding. I don’t just slap the photos together. I use Magix video editing software to create a lovely slideshow set to music they selected for their ceremony. I include everything, broken into chapters available on the menu, from getting ready for the ceremony, to the photos I’ve taken at the reception. It’s a lovely way for them to ensure they always have photos with them digitally, while at the same time protecting me to ensure they can’t just take the photos to a printer and get them printed on their own.

  4. I work in web design. Video tutorials are one of the things I use to market my service, and help clients who hire me for consulting. Though I don’t use the traditional video camera to record the video, I still need video editing software to ensure my videos are flawless and professional. I have tried several different programs, but finally decided to take the leap and purchase Magix. After I screen cast my tutorial, I run the video through the editing software to edit any “uhs” and “ums” that I may utter. I also add title screens, and text to help aid the viewer. It only takes me about 20 minutes per tutorial, and has helped me build a quite large customer base. I’m fairly camera shy, and like the privacy working at home offers, so this enables me to capitalize on video marketing without putting my face out there for the world to see. I’ve built up a nice collection of tutorials ahead of time, so that I can continue to add a new video to my YouTube channel every week, because it’s easy for me to sit for a couple of hours and batch process all of my video editing work at once.

  5. This is a great program for editing video in a studio-quality final cut. Add audio or subtitles, enhance the video with special effects. You can use pans and transitions and so many other professional features, This is great program for the price.

  6. The transition features and the special effects are the best parts about this program. It’s cool to add an audio soundtrack to my videos and picture slideshows, and I can even add text or record my own voice if I want to. A+.

  7. As a master carpenter, it is hard to show potential clients how talented I am. I can tell them how good my work is, maybe carry around a few pictures, but it is hard to capture what I do in a couple of frames. My cousin turned me on to video editing and this is just what I need for my business. I have created an abbreviated video of me in the shop, completing some cabinets from start to finish. I edited the footage to show the whole process from lumber to specialty custom cabinets hung in a kitchen. I also weaved in photos of my previous work that I have done for other customers. Then I burned this all onto a DVD. Now I just take the DVD with me when I speak with prospective clients, pop it in, and let it do the talking for me. It’s like a virtual resume, business card and catalog all rolled into one.

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