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Making Movies and Making it Look Easy

We All Love Making Movies

Movie making can be a very fun way to express your artistic abilities as well as a way to share a message with others. With very little equipment these days, it’s possible to film a movie. With video editing software that is readily available, the ability to take simple video and transform it into a polished piece of art can be done in a couple of steps.

The Storyline

Every movie has a story to tell and it can be fictional or be about factual events that occurred. Either way, knowing exactly what events are going to happen in your video is important to making a movie that is enjoyed by others. It is this storyline that will help convey the overall message that the video wants people to get. Once this is done the next step will be the storyboard. This will help with the overall fluidity of the movie and how it will progress. If it’s a simple home movie, this can be quite simple. But if the video is more in depth and more a production, the story line and board go hand in hand.

Props, Cast, and Resources

No movie is complete without the actors and props. Well, that is unless your intended video is about something that is more picturesque and not about anyone or topic. What your cast does, says, wears, and uses can all be very important when making a movie. If the actors don’t say things correctly or are wearing appropriate clothing or have the right props, the movie can make little sense to those watching it and the overall message of the movie will be lost. The better planning that goes into these categories, the better the movie can be.

Filming the Movie

The most important part of any production is filming the movie. Without film, there is no movie. This is not just grabbing a camera and shooting video, but must also consist of camera placement. It requires planning and making sure lines are said correctly, the props are visible as well as the lighting is correct. Nothing screams bad video like mumbled or forgotten lines, lighting that is either too bright or too dim. Also when filming, make sure to add a small amount of time when starting and when ending a scene. This allows for trimming the scene and doing the editing to make the movie flow much better. If there is unwanted audio in the filming, edit this out so it doesn’t distract and add voiceovers when possible.

Movie Editing

This is also called polishing the movie and usually takes the longest amount of time. Having consistent lighting from scene to scene can make it much easier to get the scenes to line up better and flow smoother. Edit the audio to remove any unwanted sounds and if possible use voiceovers. These can help eliminate those background noises that can be heard. Once this step is completed, it is time to finalize the movie and here you can add chapter breaks, a menu, credits, or title. Most movie editing software will have features that can help in processing the video and exporting it into the format of choice.

Making Movies and Making it Look Easy

The aforementioned steps are very simple to follow and movie making can be a lot of fun. It’s all about creativity and getting out the message of the video to others. With the right software, even the unexperienced can create a movie of stellar quality. Thank you for reading our article!