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Converting VHS to DVDs

VHS tapes are precious

Have boxes full of home movies that were made many years ago? Don’t worry many people do. It’s those videos that are memories of years past and the want to get rid of them just isn’t there. After all, who wouldn’t want to take stroll down memory lane every now and then right? But there is a problem. The videos are getting old and lose their quality. While some would start to panic, here is a way to take those VHS tapes and turn them into DVDs, by using a VHS to DVD converter.

What Do They Do?

In basic terms, a VHS to DVD converter does exactly that. It converts VHS tapes over into DVD format. But this isn’t limited to just VHS tapes. Most converters can also cover formats such as Hi8 or VHS-C as well as MiniDV. Most of these style of camcorders have connections that will enable it to connect to a VHS to DVD converter. Basically they take the video off the VHS and put it onto the DVD. This way if something were to happen to the VHS tape, not everything is lost. Memories that have lasted for years can be kept for many more years when converting them to DVD.

What to Look For

There are a number of VHS to DVD converters out today and while they all look like they can do the job, not all are equal. Some might have more features than others. One thing to look for is that the convert includes quality video converting and has editing software built in. Another is to make sure it has the proper connections necessary to let the converter and your computer communicate. When looking at connections it would be wisest to only look at converters that have at least a USB 2.0 connection. This connection is essential to being able to record at an adequate speed.

Converting and Capture Format

One thing that many people fail to look at when at a VHS to DVD converter is the converting format. Not all converters can format the video into a format that is wanted. Some can only format in one or two different ways, while others can format in most movie formats. Look for converters that have MPEG1, MPEG2, and MPEG4. All three of these are the standards of which most movies and DVDS are and make digital copies. Also make sure any converter chosen can save the files in NTSC or PAL format.

Still Confused? Contact Tech Support

Feel like all of this is still going over your head? Don’t worry it happens to everyone. The nice thing about all this is finding help. Technical support is a lost commodity and some converters have it and some don’t. Finding one that offers this service can be invaluable, because they can help walk through getting everything to work right. Also come converters come with instruction manuals and pamphlets which can be very useful tools. Others, well they are pretty much figure it out on your own kind of deals. Make sure to check this as well as everything else when looking for the right VHS to DVD converter.

Converting VHS to DVDs is Easy and Fun

Save those memories and videos from years gone by and do it the right way. Use a VHS to DVD converter and keep all those interesting videos for future generations to watch, reminisce and enjoy. Thank you for reading our article.