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Horizon Fitness T101

Horizon Fitness T101 Review

Horizon Fitness T101 Review

Owned by world renowned Icon Health & Fitness, Horizon is an equally as trusted company that specializes in designing high performance exercise equipment. They have been perfecting the treadmill for years. Today they are one of the largest and most well-respected manufacturers treadmills in the world.

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Benefits of Treadmills

There are a variety of different reasons that you should choose the Horizon Fitness T101 as your next treadmill. Chief among them is that treadmills can help you accomplish all of your weight loss, performance, and other fitness goals. They can do this by working your body to the max while limiting stress and strain on your joints and tendons. Furthermore, treadmills with integrated (like the Bluetooth connectivity) give you the ability to track your training results, automatically adjust speed and incline, and even wirelessly train with a personal trainer.

Why Horizon is Different

There are a lot of great exercise equipment manufacturers out there, but they are not all created equally. The company known as Horizon is among the best of the best because it has years of experience as one of the world’s top providers of home exercise equipment under its belt. They produce only the highest quality treadmills, like Horizon T101, for those that demand the very best. You won’t find another treadmill that is as expertly designed as this one.

What Does It Cost?

The Horizon Fitness T101 is a high-quality yet affordable solution to your fitness goals. The treadmill can be bought for as low as $720 and comes with everything you need to start training immediately. The affordable price tag gets you the ultra-quiet and efficient motor,
Bluetooth enabled, and a fan to keep you cool when your workout gets sweaty.

Final Review of the Horizon T101

If you are interested in transforming your body and accomplishing your fitness goals, there are few better treadmills to do it on than the Horizon T101. Horizon has proven time after time again to be one of the absolute best exercise equipment manufacturer’s in the world and their T101 treadmill is yet another great product in an already great product line. For customers who demand only the very best in design, performance, durability, and price, Horizon has you covered. The T101 with its efficient motor is hard to beat by even the strictest standards. Thank you for reading our Horizon Fitness T101 review.

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