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H&R Block Tax Software Review

When it comes to tax preparation, H&R Block has been a trusted and revered name for a very long time. With nearly 60 years of experience under their belt, it’s not difficult to imagine a scenario where their service has helped multiple generations of the same family. While the company may seem traditional, it does an excellent job of integrating their tax preparation expertise into the tech-savvy 21st century.

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Quick and Easy to Use

H&R Block’s online model for tax preparation is easy to use and getting your refund into your hands happens quickly and efficiently. The service offers a wide array of disbursement options for you to choose from, including checks, direct deposit or a straight deposit to a prepaid card. And in keeping with H&R Block’s old-school mystique, you can drop by one of their 11,000 offices and have one of their more than 100,000 tax professionals file your taxes for you, should you prefer not to submit your paperwork through e-filing.

Costs and Pricing

There is a free version of the software that enables you to prepare, print and e-file, and comes with access to free live tax advice and audit support. The next tier, Basic, costs $16.96 and adds the ability to import the vitals from last year’s return. The next tier, Deluxe, priced at $25.46, searches for hundreds of deductions, maximizes mortgage and real estate taxes, and provides assistance on investment income and stock options. The top tier, Premium, costs $42.46, provides rental income and expense assistance and guidance with Schedule C.

Customer Support & Help

Of course H&R Block offers the ability to visit one of their many offices and see a tax professional personally, but their online system is equally pervasive and effective. In addition to personal and online support and service, they also offer live one-on-one in-home interaction via video chat in order to bring that famous office-bound face time to your own residence, although it should be noted that this service is not free and starts out at $39. There is a great deal of information on the website, too, in the form of tax articles, tips and a tax blog.

Final Review of H&R Block

There is a reason why H&R Block has been providing tax support for nearly six decades – they certainly know what they are doing. Their expertise shines through their one-on-one office support as well as through their online tax software. Smartly designed, easy to use and equipped with many avenues of assistance, the company’s online model is everything that you may expect from H&R Block, and then some. Capable of handling any tax need, H&R Block is there for its customers. Thank you for reading our H&R Block review.

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8 Reviews

  1. My husband usually does our taxes for us. He has always been better with finances than I have and I have never wanted to deal with the hassle of having to do our taxes. This year, he got hit with a huge project at work right around tax time and simply didn’t have time to do our taxes. He told me that I could either do them for us, or we could pay a small fortune and have someone else do them for us. It seemed like such a huge waste of money to me to have someone do something for us that my husband had been successfully doing himself for so many years, so I decided to take on the challenge and do it myself. He recommended that I get a H&R Block tax preparation software and said that he’d been using them for years himself to help make sure that he did the taxes correctly. He said that using H&R Block would make the process much easier and quicker and that in the long run, I would be much happier that I used them. I went ahead and took his advice and started figuring out how to do our taxes. Honestly, there really wasn’t that much to figure out because H&R Block did all of the work for me! It was super easy and all I had to do was answer the questions that H&R Block provided and fill in the numbers and before I knew it, our taxes were done! I will definitely use H&R Block in the future!

  2. Two thumbs up for H&R Block! This software is unbeatable! I’ll never use another tax software again. With H&R Block, taxes are simple and easy and very quick to do. This process has never been more simple. Try out H&R Block and see exactly what I’m talking about. I promise you won’t regret it.

  3. It is almost tax season and that means endless commercials of companies offering to get you the largest tax refund in the shortest amount of time. The truth of the matter is that they simply cannot get you any larger refund than you should already be owed. Sure if you do something wrong or do not include a deduction or credit that you should, you can get a lower refund, but these companies cannot create a larger refund out of thin air. Instead they charge you a fortune while you hold your breathe and hope that they can perform a miracle and get you a large check. Instead of dealing with these companies, I handle my taxes myself and use a tax preparation software to make sure that I do not miss out on any of the tax credits or deductions that I’m supposed to and that I get everything that I should back. For years I’ve used H&R Block because they are the best and alert me to any possible deductions or credits that I could qualify for. They are significantly cheaper than going to one of those companies that promises a huge refund, and I don’t even have to get out of my pajamas to have my tax return completed. It is a total win-win situation. I have found them to be incredibly accurate and very user-friendly. I quickly recommend H&R Block whenever any of my friends asks for a recommendation on what to do for tax filing and will continue to do so.

  4. I’m not very good at finances. I have never been much of a numbers person and leave handling finances up to professionals. Well, this year my financial situation took a drastic turn and I realized that I no longer had the means to hire people to do anything financially related for me. This meant that I had to do my own budgeting and my own taxes. I’d never done my taxes before so the thought alone was enough to terrify me. A friend told me that there were many tax preparation software companies on the market that could help me to prepare my taxes myself and that they were pretty inexpensive, so I decided to try one and see how I did. I went with H&R Block because they were a name that I was familiar with and seemed very easy to use. I was very thrilled by how easy it was to navigate and how efficiently I was able to do my taxes on H&R Block’s tax preparation software. I no longer am terrified to do my own taxes and that is because of H&R Block and their very user-friendly tax preparation software.

  5. My wife got a new job 3000 miles away from our old home which meant that we had a big move to make for job-related reasons. I knew that this would mean that we would get some tax breaks, but I had no idea how much or what forms we needed to fill out in order to claim this. I also didn’t know how much we were allowed to claim and how it was all calculated. That’s why we decided to use a tax preparation software. We’d heard that good tax preparation softwares were really useful in catching deductions and breaks that you might otherwise miss and decided that with our new life changes, it was something we needed. We went with H&R Block because they have been a trusted name in tax preparation for many years and we knew that we couldn’t go wrong with using them. They were just as good and easy to use as everyone claims and we are very grateful for H&R Block’s help in getting us such a large refund.

  6. H&R Block is the best tax software on the market. I swear to it. In fact, it was my own boss who recommended it to me. At first I was skeptical, but when I ended up using it I realized the advantages it gave me and how it cut my tax time in half. Awesome!

  7. Tax time use to be the worst time of year for me. I would get nervous and anxious when I had to do my own taxes, but I would also hate to pay others to do them for me. Then a colleague suggested that I try out a cool tax software called HandR Block. At first I was skeptical, but when I started to use it I noticed a world of different. Now taxes have never been quicker or easier for me.

  8. Last year we really messed up our taxes. By really messed up, I mean that our state actually sent us a letter informing us that we had done our taxes incorrectly and that we actually owed them a nice chunk of change. With the way we had done our taxes, we thought they they owed us a refund. Luckily, we had enough saved up that we were able to pay what we owed the state, but this year we vowed that things would be different. Many of our friends swore by the tax preparation software that HandR Block makes, so we figured that we would use that this year to make sure that we didn’t mess up on our taxes again this year. The cost of the software itself was very low and it was easy to upload onto our computer. It didn’t take us very long to do our taxes (it actually took a lot less time than when we did it by hand ourselves). And with HandR Block we had the reputation of a strong company behind us. We would gladly recommend HandR Block to anyone we know and will continue to use them from now on.

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