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eSmart Tax Review

You may not be as familiar with eSmart Tax like you are with other online filing services, but you are undoubtedly familiar with their parent company, Liberty Tax, which is the massive company known for their Statue of Liberty sign-spinners that pop up on street corners between January and April. The company’s know how when it comes to state and federal taxes and its knowledge of tax law is evident, through their great service.

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Easy to Use

eSmart Tax’s online tax forms are built to maximize efficiency and minimize headaches. Users can import their W2 and 1099 data directly into the 1040, and they can also import vital information from previous years and other competing companies, such as H&R Block, TurboTax, and TaxACT. eSmart also features a basic guided interview format that instinctively guides the user into uncovering common credits and deductions. Plus, the system’s Add Reminder feature allows you to tag an uncompleted section so you can finish it later – something that comes in quite handy.

Cost of the Program

eSmart Tax offers three different services at three different price points. The Basic Service is free and offers free filing of the basic, simple 1040 returns. The intermediate service, the Deluxe Service, costs $29.99 and is designed for users with dependents and itemized deductions. The highest service offered, the Premium Service, is priced at $49.99 and is built to file taxes for business owners, freelancers, or contractors. These prices reflect Federal tax filing, so customer should keep in mind that there is an additional charge of $29.99 to file state taxes.

Customer Support & Service

When it comes to support, eSmart particularly shines when it comes to utilizing social media. Users can submit questions to the company via Facebook or Twitter and expect to get an answer within a relatively quick window of time. eSmart offers free chat support as well as free, unlimited tax help for those who sign up for their Deluxe or Premium services. Additionally, eSmart’s parent company Liberty Tax features a comprehensive blog on their site’s Tax Lounge section, and it is constantly updated with the latest in tax ideas and tax laws.

Final Review of eSmart Tax

eSmart is a smartly designed offshoot of Liberty Tax’s popular and widespread in-person tax service. The online tax service, particularly the Deluxe and Premium services, will give you all the tools that you need to file your taxes in and efficient, stress-free manner. With access to a comprehensive news blog, free chat support and a growing and interactive social networking presence, the only thing that eSmart is missing is a sign spinner dressed as a national monument. Thank you for reading our eSmart Tax review.

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4 Reviews

  1. Doing taxes use to be a hard and complicated job for me. I use to hate it because it would take me forever. Half the time I didn’t even know what I was doing! And then I turned to eSmart Tax. eSmart Tax helps me to manage my taxes in a different way. It helps me to stay more organized and makes everything so much easier.

  2. I see so many commercials on television for tax preparation software companies that claim to be the best and greatest and have the best guarantees around. It really is a little overwhelming to try to pick a legitimate tax preparation software when they all claim to be the best one out there. I know my good friend had been doing his taxes himself and using a tax preparation software for years, so I asked him which one he thought was the best. He told me not to waste my time with any others and to use eSmart Tax. He swore by them and told me that they would make it super easy to do my taxes and not cost a fortune. Well, he was right. They were very cheap (especially compared to local tax preparers) and made it extremely easy to do my taxes. I felt extremely proud of myself that I was able to do my taxes on my own without having to hire anyone also. I now know which tax preparation software is the best (despite what all the commercials tell me) and have recommended eSmart Tax to all of my friends.

  3. We bought a rental home this year for extra income. It’s been great having the additional monthly income and we’re really happy with the tenants that we have occupying the home. We were a little nervous about having to do our taxes this year because we usually do them ourselves and we were afraid that the rental home would make our taxes more complicated. We really didn’t want to pay a lot of money to have someone do our taxes for us, so we decided to get a tax preparation software to assist us. eSmart came highly recommended to us by many friends and family members who use them so we went with them. It was impressive how easy it was to use eSmart and how they had the right mix of questions to make sure that we got every credit and deduction that we should. It was much easier than doing our taxes ourselves without the software and saved us a lot of time. We will definitely be using eSmart for many more years to come.

  4. eSmart works like a charm when it comes to doing taxes. This miracle software is wonderfully effective for keeping organized and for doing taxes accurately. I’ve tried other software before and nothing else comes close. It makes everything more simple. Try it if you don’t believe me – you’ll be glad you did.

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