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Toshiba Excite Write

Toshiba Excite Write Review

Toshiba is a well known and highly respected company that has been around since 1939. It began in Japan, and now is an internationally recognized company, with their products sold worldwide. Though not first involved in electronics and technology, the company shifted its focus as technology grew. The company manufacturers a number of products including: computers, video cameras, televisions, home audio, DVD players, Blu-ray players, and more. They also manufacture a number of business and industrial products.

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In addition to the 8MP rear camera, there is a 1.2 MP HD camera useful for video chatting with friends and taking pictures of yourself. There is also a micro HDMI slot, so with the right cable, you can connect your tablet to your TV via your TV’s HDMI slot. This way you can display photos on a larger screen, or watch your favorite movie with your family via Netflix or Hulu, or even put a video you made on the “big screen.”

Toshiba Excite Write Storage Space

Unlike many other tablets on the market today, the Toshiba Excite Write only comes in a single storage space configuration: 32GB. But, for heavy users who need a lot of space, there are micro USB ports you can use to connect a flash drive and other devices such as a keyboard or mouse. In addition to the USB ports, you will also find a Micro SD card slot that will enable you to add up to 64GBs of additional storage space for your music, movies, photos, documents, and more.

Toshiba Excite Write App Selection

Since the Toshiba Excite Write runs on the Android OS, specifically Android 4.2.2 Jellybean, there are plenty of apps available–in fact, more than one million apps are out there. The great thing about the Excite Write is the sheer number of apps that come preinstalled on your system. These apps include the “standard” Android and Google apps: Google Chrome, Google+, Gmail™, Google Maps™, YouTube™ along with many other third party apps such as: Amazon Kindle Reader, eBay, Evernote®, Fruit Ninja, Hulu Plus, iHeartRadio, PrintHand, Skitch, ThinkFree Office Mobile, Wild Tangent Games, Kaspersky® Tablet Security, Hardwood Backgammon by SilverCreek Games, Hardwood Euchre by SilverCreek Games, Hardwood Solitaire IV by SilverCreek Games, Hardwood Hearts by Silvercreek Games, Hardwood Spades by Silvercreek Games, Adobe® Reader®, Netflix®, Zinio™, Rdio for Android, Crackle, and Amazon MP3.

Final Review of Toshiba Excite Write

If you want the convenience of digital with the feel of a pencil and paper, then you cannot go wrong with this tablet. WIth the digitizer pen, you can write naturally on the screen, and immediately have whatever you write down digitized for easy reading later. It is a great tablet that runs on a trusted operating system used by many other tablet manufacturers and brands. Thank you for reading our Toshiba Excite Write review.

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