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Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3 Review

Microsoft has been around since 1975, and has long since been an innovator in computing. The Microsoft Surface 3 comes as an improvement on the original Surface tablet, to provide flexibility in computing, so no matter what you need, you can have easy access on the go on a tablet that frees your from the restraints of a large computer and small smartphone alike.

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Microsoft Surface 3 Storage Space

The Microsoft Surface 3 has a couple of different storage space configurations. For $449, you can get a 32GB model, and for $549.00, you can get a 64GB model. Unlike the iPad Air and the Kindle Fire, the Surface 3 features an SD card slot that allows you to upgrade the amount of storage space available, up to an additional 64GB additional storage space, for a total storage space of up to 128GB. In addition, you will get 200 GB of storage space in the Sky Drive (the Microsoft “cloud”) for all of your Microsoft devices for free for two years.

Microsoft Surface 3 App Selection

More than 100,000 apps are available for the Microsoft Surface 3. Even though it runs its own operating system Windows RT, which is similar to Window 8, the system has plenty of compatible apps available to run. Many apps come pre installed on the system so you can use it right out of the box without having to download and install additional apps. In the Windows App store, you can find things such as Facebook, Twitter, and eBay, along with others to truly personalize your experience as a tablet user.

Final Review of Microsoft Surface 3

With Microsoft Office RT pre-installed and the attachable keyboard, college students can easily go from lugging books, a laptop, and a notebook to class to carrying their tablet alone. The keyboard makes it easy to take notes, and you can easily read textbooks on the screen. It’s a great tablet for people who really need the functionality of a computer but in a more compact space than a laptop or netbook can provide. The promise with this tablet is productivity, and you will definitely get it. Thank you for reading our Microsoft Surface 3 review.

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