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Benefits of Tablets

  • Tablets are a Convenient and Easy Way to Stay Connected While You're On-the-Go
  • Tablets are Great for Tasks Which Your Smartphone or Laptop Would Make Tedious
  • You Can Take Class Notes and Easily Transfer Them to Your PC When You Get Home
  • Without a Tablet, You Could Easily Fall Behind the Ever-Changing Technology Curve
  • Not Using a Tablet Could End Up Costing You More Money in Books, Music & Media

Apple iPad Air Review

Though Apple has made a name for themselves with their line of desktop and laptop computers, they are now most well known for their mobile devices, including the iPhone, the iPod, the iPod Touch, and the iPad. According to a CNBC survey from 2012, half of all households across the United States contain at least one Apple product.

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Microsoft Surface 3 Review

Microsoft has been around since 1975, and has long since been an innovator in computing. The Microsoft Surface 3 comes as an improvement on the original Surface tablet, to provide flexibility in computing, so no matter what you need, you can have easy access on the go on a tablet that frees your from the restraints of a large computer and small smartphone alike.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Review

Samsung is a well known technology manufacturer. In business since 1938, they were founded in South Korea. Prior to beginning in the electronics industry, they focused on trade export, but it wasn’t long before they had their own manufacturing plants that allowed them to evolve into the company we all know them to be today.

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Google Nexus 10 Review

Google first came into the scene as the Internet’s most well-known search engine back in September 1998. Since then, they have become a technology giant. The Nexus tablet is designed to give you everything you love about Google’s products without the larger size of a computer, but without the often restrictive, small size of a smartphone.

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Kindle Fire Review

The Kindle Fire is the first tablet from well-known e-commerce giant, Amazon. It is an extension of its e-reader product, the Kindle, and is designed to compete with other well known tablets, such as the iPad. Amazon has been around since 1994, is the world’s largest online shopping platform and prides itself on providing fast and affordable shipping, and stellar customer service.

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