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Top 10 Gifts For Your Gadget Geek

Make a Gadget Geek Smile

So you’ve decided to tackle the holiday wish-list of your tech-savvy friend or relative. The list may seem daunting, especially if you’ve never heard of the products they’re looking for. Fret not! Many of the products they list are easy to find, and will be sure to put a smile on any tech geek’s face.

Universal Remote – Logitech Harmony One

You’re probably aware of the problem in your own home: too many remotes for too many gadgets! For your tech-savvy friend, the problem is simply compounded. With a universal remote from Logitech Harmony One, there’s no need to be searching for all of those other remotes. Organization is simplified as well: just keep one remote out for use of all the products they own. The Logitech Harmony One works for Blu-Rays, DVD players, DVRs, VCRs and more.

Home Media Servers – HP MediaSmart Server

Your techie will probably have a lot of media stored up on a myriad of devices. That media can add up, and storage can become problematic. The HP MediaSmart Server eases the mind of any gadget guru, freeing up much needed space on computers, laptops, and other hardware, allowing the media to be viewed at any time through the TV set. It also allows you to purchase movies and TV shows directly to your television, so there’s no need to go to the video store on slippery wintry nights any longer.

Tablet – Apple iPad 2

The Apple iPad 2 is the industry standard for all tablets. Your techie can watch movies, listen to music, play games, and surf the net, all at the palm of their hands. It’s easy to handle, too: with 9.7 inches of display and 0.34 inches thick, the iPad 2 makes for easy computing on the go. It’s fast to use and contains plenty of storage, with options at 16G, 32G, or even 64G.

Bluetooth Communicator/ GPS Tracker – Cobra Tag Sensor

Ever lose your keys or other important things in your home? The Cobra Tag GPS Sensor can fix that. Using an app that can go onto your phone, the Cobra Tag Sensor allows you the capabilities of finding any lost item that’s connected to it, using state-of-the-art GPS technology. It even works backwards: if you have your keys but can’t find your phone, click the Cobra Tag Sensor, and your phone will start beeping until you find it. Even for non-techies, this gadget makes sense!

Wireless Charging Mats – Powermat 3x Mat with Powercube

The Powermat 3x Mat with Powercube can reduce that tangled mess of wires. The Powermat makes things simple. It place the devices you need charged on top of it, and you’re done! With light indicators that tell you when you’re charging correctly or not, as well as automatic shutdown features when your devices are fully charged, the Powermat allows you to charge up to three devices at once, all while cutting back on your energy bill.

Portable Projector – Optoma ML500

For the techie who wants to watch movies at home or on the go, the Optoma ML500 portable projector allows for convenient watching experiences. At just 2.5 pounds, this device makes it easy to set up a projector-style viewing in any location, whether at yours or any other place imaginable. With HDMI and VGA inputs, it will also work with your laptop, DVD and Blu-Ray players, and many other devices. You can even connect it to gaming consoles for large-screen playing!

Video Eyewear – Vuzix Wrap 920

Watching movies on the go doesn’t mean you need to go bigger, though – you can also go smaller! With video eyewear like the Vuzix Wrap 920, your techie can watch their favorite movies wherever they want. Equipped with headphones, the eyewear provides a widescreen experience that doesn’t require squinting that’s commonplace with smartphones or iPods. Perfect for the techie on the go, video eyewear may become the next big thing in personal video experience.

Gaming Mouse Mat- Razer Vespula Gaming Mouse Mat

Looking for a gift for a gamer? A gaming mouse like the Razer Vespula GamingMouse Mat may do just the thing! Each side provides help for speed and control of your favorites games, and the memory-comformance wrist rest will ensure that your gamer’s wrists won’t feel uncomfortable after hours of play. Gamers will surely look to win with this product at their fingertips!

Portable Document and Photo Scanner – The iConvert Portable Document and Photo Scanner

Say your techie needs an important document scanned, but they’re out and about and don’t have a scanner nearby. For scans anywhere they are, the iConvert Portable Scanner is the perfect gift in mind. Simply run the iConvert over any document you have, and through a USB cord that document is easily stored onto a hard drive at a time more convenient to you.

Wireless Router – Linksys E-Series Wireless Router

With all of the gadgets that require internet access, a wireless router is a must have. A Linksys E-Series Wireless Router provides the highest quality in internet connection for all of your devices. Its easy setup will be no challenge for your favorite tech guru. With a wireless router, your techie will have internet access wherever they are in their home.