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Appoholics and their Tablets

Device Addiction and You

It may be hard to fathom, but your addiction to your tablet may be taking over your life. How you got to this point doesn’t really matter. A problem exists, and you’re ready to fix it as soon as possible. The trouble is, your tablet is always there, and does help you in many positive ways. Regardless of its availability, it’s time to recognize that there’s a time and place for everything, including for your favorite hand-held electronic devices. You can still use your device, but knowing when and for how long is a challenge you’re going to have to conquer.

Admitting The Problem

The first step to tackling your tablet addiction is recognizing the problem exists. You’ve probably already come to that realization. Good for you! It takes a lot to come just to this point of discovery, and to an understanding that your habits are becoming destructive to your everyday life. Once you’ve admitted to yourself, or perhaps also to others, there are steps you can take to help get your addiction under control.

Don’t Quit Cold Turkey

With many addictions, it may be necessary to quit “cold turkey,” making a break from the addiction all at once to ensure that you don’t continue your bad habits. The apps that are found on these devices, however, can be helpful and ceasing use altogether may be a problem for your life just as much as the addiction itself. Remember to use your device in moderation. If you need to, create a schedule of when it would be acceptable to spend time just checking in with your favorite apps.

Remove “Dangerous” Apps

There might be some apps, however, that don’t net any positives in your life. Playing a game like Candy Crush can be enjoyable but if you’re playing it non-stop, it may be time to cease playing altogether. Removing the app from your tablet may be best, especially if you’ve tried and failed many times to remedy the problem. It may be difficult to completely disconnect, but you’ll see that the pros outweigh the cons once you have a good chunk of your life back.

Move Forward With Your Addiction

When it comes to addition, it’s important to recognize the signs of withdrawal. You may notice some slight depression when you want to play your favorite app. This is natural, and you shouldn’t feel shame. You should try to occupy your time in a different way. Maybe try cooking, finding a new recipe. Maybe you can try writing your thoughts in a journal might help. You may find a hobby you’ve forgotten about from years ago. Whatever you do, it’s important to recognize the problem and to move forward.