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MTV Visa

MTV Visa Card Review

The MTV Visa Card is great for any student who already has a very good credit history and rating. Capitol One was founded in 1988 and has since opened over 1,000 banking branches across numerous states. The card offers benefits which gives its users flexibility and financial freedom. For students with a positive credit report, the MTV Visa Card Review offers attractive features any cardholder could benefit from.

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Unique Benefit Offered

The MTV Visa Card has a reward program that takes purchases made and turns those dollars into points. These points can then be used towards purchasing MTV merchandise or tickets to MTV events. The rewards program also allows its users to spend their points on backstage access to concerts and to meet some of the MTV stars. The points can also be turned into cash, gift, and travel cards as well as other merchandise. The reward program offered by the MTV Visa Card is fairly unique and sets it apart from other student credit cards on the market.

More Features of This Card

The MTV Visa Card boasts impressive features, better than most cards in its category. Not only do these features make it easy for students to complete purchases, it gives them incentives for doing so on a regular basis. These features include gift cards or travel cards, MTV experiences, no annual fee, 12 month introductory period, a generous 25-day grace period, and quick limit increases. These great available features make the MTV Visa Card an excellent option for a student looking to improve their credit history while also enjoying valuable perks.

Customer Help

Capital One employs a knowledgeable and helpful customer service team, who can be reached either by email or phone. Their team can handle any question or problem a cardholder may have. With their extensive online FAQ section however, most questions can be answered without even making a call. Available answers range from how to transfer balances, how to dispute a merchant charge, and how to report fraudulent charges and lost or stolen cards. Access to a supportive customer service team is just another great feature of the MTV Visa Card.

Final Review of the MTV Visa Card

Overall, the card is a very good option for students who already have an excellent credit history. The no annual fee, long introductory period and point rewards program make this card extremely attractive. Be sure to make payments on time to ensure full use of the card’s benefits, but rest easy knowing there’s a 25-day grade period should an obstacle arise. The card typically has a spending limit of about $500, but with 6 months of timely payments, it can be increased to $750. This card’s features make it well worth its weight. Thank you for reading our MTV Visa Card review.

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2 Reviews

  1. This is the best card for college students! It has the Wildcat on the cover, offers rewards for purchases at the bookstore and even has lower interest rates for students with a high GPA. This is so much better than I feared a credit card would be. Go ‘Cats!

  2. Most people that I know in my dorm have mommy and daddy to pay all their bills. When they want an iPod or a fancy meal, they just charge it to their parent’s credit card. These kids hardly even understand how a credit card works. Not me. I have my own card with MTV Card. I don’t come from a ritzy suburb; I don’t have affluent parents. I work my tail off, but sometimes I need a little wiggle room. That’s where the MTV Card card comes in. When I need money for a bus ride home, or need groceries before my next bartending shift, I can always rely on my MTV Card card. The interest rate isn’t too bad and I keep my balance fairly low. I am cognizant of what I use the card for, and as long as I am responsible it doesn’t become a burden. It’s a bridge that lets me get from week to week while I am studying for my degree.

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