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Discover Cash Back Card Review

The Discover Students with $20 Cashback Card is a student card that can be used to earn extra cash while studying in school. Discover was the first to introduce cash rewards cards back in 1986 and since have been at the forefront of the credit card world. By being committed to meeting the needs of its customers, offering banking services throughout the company, and providing the best service, they have set a high standard.

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Attractive Key  Benefit

One benefit of this card is that it has the cash rewards system and it isn’t confusing like other cards. The student can get a $20 bonus after making one purchase in three months when having this card. The Discover Students with $20 Cashback Card gives back between 1% and 5% on purchases made when using this card. This means that whenever you shop, you save, and get money back. To get 5% on some purchases requires signing up for this part of the card. The categories that are part of the 5% cash back changes quarterly and can only be accessed if signed up.

Other Feartures

The cash back isn’t the only feature that is attached to this card. There are several that make this card worth getting, especially for students. The addition features include but aren’t limited to: fraud protection, no annual fee, variable annual percentage rate, travel assistance and no over-limit fee. There are no transaction fees overseas, a grace period on payments, and extended warranty services as well. If that wasn’t enough, travel insurance, flight accident insurance, and rental insurance make the card very appealing.

Customer Support

Discover has a commitment to its customers to provide the best service and on this it delivers every time. Their customer service team is available at by phone or e-mail at all hours of the day. Representatives can also be contacted via an online FAQ support area and cardholders can also receive personal assistance at any of their banking centers. Discover understands that happy customers means continued success, and when it comes to seeking answers to questions, they have the knowledge and the ability to solve problems with ease and efficiency.

Final Review of Discover Cash Back Card

The Discover Student with $20 Cashback Card is a card that is very beneficial to students who want a card to make purchases but that also gives something back. The features are beneficial and the different levels of support are superior to anything else out there. Although variable, APR rates start at just 12.99 and making timely payments help cardholders reap the benefits of getting cash back on everyday purchases. It’s a winning scenario for any cardholder. Thank you for reading our Discover Students with $20 Cashback Card review.

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2 Reviews

  1. It is hard to get by as a college student. There isn’t time to work enough hours to afford the little things in life, like a fresh meal. A large paycheck is at the end of the rainbow, but when a box of cereal is what’s for dinner, that seems so far away. A large pepperoni pizza is expensive, even split four ways. 50 cent draft night may sound cheap, but when you have two dollars to your name, it is steep. Credit cards are perfect for a college kid. They help get you through the tough times when money is scarce, and as long as the minimum is paid each month it helps build credit for the future. As long as you don’t let your grades slide and – gasp! – fail out of school, you are destined to make decent money after graduation. Use the card to get you there and pay it off afterwards. It’s the American way.

  2. When I just can’t stand the dining hall or need a new outfit for a mixer, this card is there for me to get pizza or a new dress. I work so I am able to pay it off. It’s so convenient to not need cash to pay for everything.

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