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Discover Student Card Review

The Discover Student Card is one of the better cards offered to college students. Discover has a solid and sound background in the credit industry and with their introduction of the first cash rewards program in 1986, they have demonstrated their commitment to meeting the needs of every single cardholder by providing the best customer service. With banking services offered too, the Discover Student Card is a smart choice.

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Key Benefit

This card has a simple rewards program which is ideal for any student. The Discover Student Card is a cash back reward credit card which, unlike other cards, can give back 1% on any purchase anytime with no restrictions. This card also offers up to 5% cash back on certain purchases made. The categories that are eligible for the cash-back rewards change quarterly, but the card holder must sign up for this in order for it to be a part of their service. When shopping for student credit cards, customers should keep this unique benefit in mind.

Additional Features

The convenient rewards program isn’t the only feature the Discover Student Card has to offer. This card also boasts no annual fee, low APR after 6 months, a lengthy grace period on payments, a cash-back program, and no over-limit fees. There are no foreign transaction fees, an extended Warranty Protection Service, fraud protection, travel assistance, auto rental insurance, and travel accident insurance. With so many additional features, the Discover Student Card offers freedom and flexibility to its cardholders.

Help and Support

One thing that sets this card apart is Discover’s commitment to excellent customer service. Their tech support and customer service lines are open 24/7 and online customer support is also available. Discover cares about their customers and their knowledgeable representatives can answer any question quickly and professionally. Also unique is the ability to walk into a banking branch and be assisted personally. Cardholders can rest assured that some form of customer service will always be available to them.

Final Review of Discover Student Card

The Discover Student Card is one of the best student cards that can be found on the market today. With it’s no annual fee, cash rewards program, low 12.99% APR, lengthy 25-day grace period, no over limit fees and stellar customer service, any student would be thrilled with this card. To get a card like the Discover Student Card, with its vast number of features, would be a very wise choice for students heading for college, or for any student. Thank you for reading our Discover Student Card review.

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2 Reviews

  1. I got a card on the advice of my uncle. He has great credit and I want the same when I am on my own. He gave me a strict guidelines and I follow them precisely. I make 5 purchases a month, for a total of $50-100, depending on what I can afford to pay off that particular month. I pay off the balance in full each month. This is building up my credit and earning me a credit score that will allow me to make much larger purchases when I graduate. I want to buy a house someday and will need solid credit to get a good loan. While I am in college I am not only building my ability to land a high-paying job, I am also building up my credit score as well.

  2. Some of my friends have gotten themselves into real trouble with credit cards. I knew I needed a card last year when I couldn’t afford all of my books, but I was wary because of what I saw happened to friends. I found the Discover Student Card card and so far, so good. The limit is enough that I can get what I need, but not too much that I can overspend. The APR is reasonable. Instead of an introductory promotional rate, it has a lifetime rate lower than most other cards I saw advertised. I do all my banking online and their website is very simple to use. I can check all of my transactions and pay with just three clicks of the mouse. I am not going to let myself get into credit card debt. It seems Discover Student Card wants me to keep it that way and I value that.

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