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Citi Dividend

Citi Dividend Card for College Students Review

The Citi Dividend Card offered to college students by Citibank offers various features which make this card a great choice for students. The attractive key features of this card, the generous and flexible cash rebates program, allows a cardholder to redeem rebates for cash which allows the student to stretch their budget, something any student can benefit from. Best of all, rebates don’t expire giving cardholders more financial freedom.

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Key Benefit of This Card

The Citi Dividend Card’s reward program is called “Dividend Dollars” and allows students to cash checks for at least $50 each. Additionally, students earn up to 5% cash back on selected categories including travel and department store purchases, while remaining purchases receive 1% cash back. The “Dividend Dollars” will not expire as long as a purchase is made at least once every 12 months unless the reward program is cancelled. The student can save up their rewards to use when they want to use them.

Many Other Features

The Citi Dividend Card offers excellent features including no annual fee, a 7-month 0% introductory APR, a 1 to 5% Bonus Rate in “Bonus Cash” and “Dividend Dollars.” Security features allow emergency cash replacement if the card is reported lost or stolen in addition to identity theft solutions plus fraud protection. Collision and theft coverage is available when the card is used to rent a car, 90 day replacement protection is provided on eligible items like laptops against loss by theft or accidental damage and US warranties can be extended for up to one year.

Customer Service

Citibank’s Citi Dividend Card for college students gives responsible students a way to build their credit histories which is important when they begin their post college lives to rent apartments, purchase transportation, and helps them when they seek employment. A Citibank representative, available via a customer service line or online support, can help with any additional questions applicants might have. Students should take advantage of the superior customer service whenever they have a question about their card.

Final Review of the Citi Dividend Card for College Students

Eliminating some of the stress on college students by allowing them a card to tackle financial obstacles and prove their financial independence is extremely attractive to students and parents. Having a credit card on hand will also give a student a practical way to have the necessary funds available to pay bills or make purchases without the worry of stashing large sums of cash in their dormitories or other temporary homes. Thank you for reading our Citi Dividend Card review.

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2 Reviews

  1. I needed to take a winter class to be eligible for my senior seminar this semester. I didn’t apply for aid in time for the winter class so I put the credits on my credit card. Phew. If I didn’t have this card I would have been postponed an entire semester.

  2. I commute to class every day. When my car broken down last semester, I needed a new transmission. I didn’t even know how I was going to begin to afford it. And there was no way that I could withdrawal from college. I didn’t even have a ride to work and missed a shift one day. My whole life hinged on that stupid car. So I applied for a credit card. I was accepted and received the card in the mail within a week. I used it at the mechanic’s to get the work done on my car, and a couple days later my life was on the road again. That charge was expensive but I was on the intro rate of 0% APR. I was still able to get to work and class and I am slowly but steadily paying off that charge.

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