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StairMaster 4200PT

StairMaster 4200PT Reviews

StairMaster did not become synonymous with stair climbing equipment by accident. They did so because they create high-quality pieces of equipment that perform well and provide a perfect platform for its customers to work up a sweat on their terms. Every aspect of the machine is built with the user in mind, from the system that governs the pedals to the stats that can double as motivation. It’s a machine that can coax the best workout performance out of anyone.

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Pedals That Let Your Body Move As It Should

The greatest feature of the StairMaster 4200PT is the way in which it controls and monitors pedal performance. Each machine comes equipped with an electronically-controlled alternator with a chain drive which controls the pedals descent with ideal precision. It also deploys independent pedal geometry in order to provide a means of biomechanically correct movement from its users. These pedal features will allow you to move in a natural fashion.

A Perfect Workout to Fit Your Needs

The StairMaster 4200 PT comes with a host of variable workout options that will allow you to set your own workout comfort level. The machine’s selection of four workout programs is not as much as some of the other pieces of equipment from the company. They more than make up for this by providing a step range of 1 to 14 inches and a step rate of 26 to 174 inches. The machine also offers 20 different levels of resistance. These adjustable features give you complete control over the workout’s intensity.

Keep Track of Performance and More

You will be able to keep track of several different performance metrics while you work out on the StairMaster 4200. The device’s two-window LED console will display vital stats such as calories burned, floors climbed, and distance traveled. These stats can provide enough data to encourage you to keep pushing toward and maybe beyond your set goals. The device also comes equipped with a few handy design features like a water bottle holder, reading rack, and accessory tray.

Final Review of StairMaster 4200PT

The StairMaster 4200PT completely shows that the company knows how to put a piece of fitness equipment together. The amount of thought that was put into the pedal operation alone makes the device worth consideration. When you add things like the variable step rate and rage along with touches like the reading rack, you have a machine that can fit your workout life in a most ideal way. Thank you for reading our StairMaster 4200PT review.

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