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Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder Review

Jacobs Ladder, the company that produces the stair climber of the same name, was founded by a fitness professional. This impressive pedigree has been extended to some of the product line’s more prominent customers, which include professional football teams, the military, and the FBI. But this lofty client base does not mean that the average person looking for an intense yet low-impact workout cannot enjoy Jacobs Ladder. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

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A Machine That Goes Where You Go

The most intriguing aspect about Jacobs Ladder is that it is designed to move at your speed. It is not powered electrically which means that there is no wall outlets or electrical currents to worry about. Its ladder-type rungs are built to provide motion strictly by the pace of the user. For example, if a person wants to pick up the pace, the rungs will start to rotate faster based on the user’s stepping pattern. This intriguing feature gives people an extra measure of freedom to work within their own comfort zone without sacrificing effort.

Designed to Protect the Body As It Moves

Jacobs Ladders unique ladder-style design is built with a strict focus on ergonomics. The rungs are spaced out evenly much like an actual ladder to promote natural climbing motion. The overall design of the machine itself is laid out to minimize the impact on the user’s feet, legs, and lower back ñ three areas that are most susceptible to damage and discomfort with these types of exercises. And what makes this machine effective is the fact that this protection does not lessen the effectiveness of the workout.

Keep Track of What You’re Doing

Jacobs Ladder also contains a micro processing unit that allows users to track certain workout metrics. Users will be able to see important distance measurements such as time and length traveled. They will also be able to observe key health related metrics like calories and heart rate. These metrics will allow users to gauge the workout’s effectiveness on the fly without any guesswork. They can also potentially inspire users to push themselves toward surpassing goals that they may have personally set at the beginning of a session.

Final Review of Jacob’s Ladder

It’s no secret why Jacobs Ladder has become a hit with pro sports teams and military branches. It is an effective piece of equipment. The tool gives people the chance to enjoy a low-impact workout at a pace that fits their speed. The fact that you don’t need a plug to get it working also means that you can put it anywhere. These elements combine to form a machine that is worth looking into. Thank you for reading our Jacobs Ladder review.

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