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Yamaha YAS 201

Yamaha YAS 201 Sound Bar Review

This sound bar is smart, stylish, and elegant. It was easy to install out of the box. No hidden hangups or snares. This is basically a plug and play installation. The sound quality is excellent as well and will surely fill any room. Set up and installation was rather easy. It comes with its own handy remote that is small and easy to use. There is also a wall mounting bracket in case you are looking for or are in need of that type of installation.

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Why the Yamaha YAS 201 Sound Bar is Special

With the ability to decode the most current sound formats, your blu ray discs will sound incredible. This is partly due to the fact that the sub woofer is built with Yamaha technology to produce deep, firm tones. Air surround delivers to you 7.1 channel digital surround sound that is rich and full of presence. You will not have to worry about positioning speakers time after time to get the perfect sound or to be able to hear the highs over the lows. The Air Surround Extreme technology takes care of that.

What It Costs and Customer Support

The price point is more than fair. The Yamaha YAS 201 retails for a measly $219.95. While others are focused on getting the most out of your wallet, the Yamaha YAS is giving you everything you need at a price point you deserve. Yamaha keeps their technology well serviced through a variety of ways. By providing you easy customer service through web, phone, and mail, you are able to get your questions answered quickly and conveniently. Warranty repairs and replacements are also done through their customer service center.

Yamaha YAS 201 Sound Bar Narration

Nothing is more annoying that watching a movie or TV program and not being able to hear what is being spoken. With the Yamaha YAS 201 you do not have to worry about that. It is equipped with Clear Voice Technology. Clear Voice technology ensures you will be able to hear every line of dialogue that is spoken. No more asking what a character said over and over again. Clear Voice is specifically designed to pull dialogue and narration to the forefront of the sound scape. Your ears will notice the difference.

Final Review of Yamaha YAS 201

This is a great product if you are looking for low cost, incredible sound. It might not have all of the bells and whistles that some other sound bars have, but for the price and the sound quality you can not go wrong. The Yamaha YAS 201 is a real standout. Great theater sound from all of your movies, clear narration distinctly heard from each character, and consistent volume control make for a great piece of home audio equipment. Should you purchase a Yamaha Yas 201 it will not disappoint. Thank you for reading our (company) review.

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3 Reviews

  1. I love that the YAS-201 sound bar looks as good as it sounds. There are a lot of sound bars out there that are still quite ugly to look at but the YAS-201 is sleek and stylish and sounds fantastic especially during war scenes.

  2. We’ve had the YAS-201 in our place for several months now so I feel comfortable giving an honest review. I priced a lot of different sound bars before buying the YAS-201. There is a wide range of them out there are different price points and sometimes it feels like if you spend more you are getting more from the electronic. Not the case with the YAS-201. This sound bar sounds amazing and setup quick plus it is fit for wall mounting, which is great if your TV is already mounted. I think this sit he best sound bar you can buy.

  3. The YAS-201 seriously makes you feel like you’re in on the action. The YAS-201 has exceptional sound and I can’t wait to show it off to my brother when he visits later this month. It’s like giving your TV a makeover.

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