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Sony HT CT660

Sony HT CT660 Sound Bar Review

Easy installation and setup, optional wall mounting bracket, and sleek design make this a sought after item. Complete with the Dolby family of sound decoders, the HT-CT660 produces a rich, smooth sound that is unequaled in its class. 3 HDMI inputs make for quick easy connections to your blu ray player, game console, or other video device. The unit is small and sleek as well this makes it non assuming and easy to integrate into your theater room or home decor.

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What Makes Sony HT CT660 Sound Bar Unique

The Sony HT-CT660 has several convenient features that really make it pop. A full suite of Dolby sound integration decoders produce amazing clarity and richness. The High definition surround sound envelopes and engages the listener at every turn. The sub woofer is wireless so it can be placed around the room in numerous spots. if you have an older device the HT CT660 comes equipped with analog inputs. A handy remote is also included for convenience sake.

Sony HT CT660 Sound Bar Cost & Customer Care

Priced at $398.00, the HT CT660 falls into the upper end of the price range for items in its class. However, it has a sleek design and is packed with features that make for a great user experience. Those seeking top of the line products under $500 can look toward the Sony as a great inclusion. The Sony brand is committed to providing great care of their customers. In doing so, they keep a good warranty on all their products. Should you need anything, they’ll be able to help you through the web, phone, or via mail.

Sony HT CT660 Sound Bar Signaling

In older models, people would mount this product underneath their TV to prevent the TV remote from interfering with the sound bar remote. The reason for this is simple. The TV sensor was behind the sound bar and the infrared signal could not get through. The only way to combat this problem was to mount the sound bar underneath the TV so the signal could get past. The Sony HT-CT660 has an IR repeater that allows the TV remote signal to pass through the sound bar without any interference. Problem Solved.

Final Review of the Sony HT CT660

In closing, the Sony HT CT660 Sound Bar delivers cinema quality sound with from the ease and convenience of a home theater environment. The product is durable, innovative and stylish. The numerous HDMI outputs on the back of the TV make it easy to hook up numerous items without having to unplug each one to install another. Set up and installation was a breeze with this product. Sony has out done themselves this time. This product really delivers. Thank you for reading our Sony HT-CT660 review.

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4 Reviews

  1. As others have mentioned the HT-CT660 is very simple to set up. For me, this was a plus as I don’t have anyone to tell me with these types of things but I don’t think that should be a reason to miss out either. The sound is very clear and strong from the beginning and if you are a seasoned pro, you can mess with the sound a bit more to tweak it for your specifications. There’s a lot of information online on how to do this without ruining the preprogrammed settings for movies, video games and music. The sounds truly fills the room and changes the experience you’re probably used to. For some background, I will say I have not had surround sound in a number of years but the sound from the HT-CT660 outdoes the surround sound from the days of yore. With the HT-CT660 you are getting ultra crisp, vibrant sound that doesn’t have any ringing no matter how loud you crank it up. This is much better sound than comes with the standard TV but the setup is easy and not as complex as setting up a bunch of speakers. Plus, it looks a lot better so in the end it’s a win-win in my book.

  2. The price of the HT-CT660 is very reasonable considering everything you get and the ridiculous sound that comes out of this sound bar. I really thought it would be much more expensive when a friend demo-ed hers to me. Great product!

  3. For me, the HT-CT660 performs best when I have the treble set at 3, the bass at 2 and the subwoofer at 2 with the voice at 6. I have tinkered with the HT-CT660 for about six weeks ever since it arrived and this seems to be the best setting for it. If you aren’t an audiophile, you will likely be able to make do with the pre-programmed settings that are already on the HT-CT660. Either way in the end you have strong sound that rivals surround sound systems for a much lower price and far less of a hassle in terms of setup.

  4. This is one sound bar you cannot miss out on. I love the HT-CT660 because it does everything most households needs including amp up the sound and fit in with whatever décor you already have happening.

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