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Samsung HW H550

Samsung HW H550 Wireless Audio Sound Bar Review

Samsung has delivered another hit with this product. Basically, you just find the nearest outlet and plug it in. There are batteries for the remote, which is very easy to use as well as an audio cable contained inside the box. Sleek, elegant, and beautiful, its design can compliment any home. The speakers produce great high quality, high definition sound. The wireless bass speaker means you can place it anywhere in the room and enjoy rich, full bodied bass.

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What the Samsung HW-H550 Wireless Audio Sound Bar Features

The Samsung-HW-H550 features, above everything else, premium high definition sound. That is what Samsung is known for after all. This means you get sound quality that is cinematic and rich. Your TV speakers might sound good, but they do not sound this good. All of the care that Samsung has put into making sure the HW-550 is compatible with the latest sound decoders is really noticeable. The addition of a wireless sub woofer lends itself to numerous placement options within the home.

Samsung HW H550 Wireless Audio Sound Bar Cost 7 Warranty

Overall, this is one fantastic product priced at around $347.99. It provides the consumer with a rich sound with great additions and comes in under $500. Samsung’s customer service is solidly in play with this sound bar. The makers are keenly aware that customers have questions, products can be faulty, and they provide great service to make sure you end up happy with your purchase. Should you need to ask them anything or if you have a repair/replacement concern, they have several methods of contact to keep you a satisfied customer.

Samsung HW-H550 Wireless Audio Sound Bar Audio Streaming

With the Samsung HW H550 you can stream audio content via Blue Tooth. This makes the music on your portable device instantly accessible to be played through out the house. No more ear buds or docking stations to contend with. All you need to do is pair your device to the sound bar and you are ready to go. The HW-H550 puts all of your audio content right at your fingertips for you to enjoy. As usual, all of the volume controls are native to your device.

Final Review of Samsung HW-H550

For awesome movie quality sound, incredible clarity, and a fair price point, the Samsung HW-H550 can not be beaten. Its sleek modern design and incredible sound decoders make it as visually appealing as the audio it delivers. Blu Ray discs come to life with the HW-H550. Music is bright and clear. TV programs are vibrant and full of emotion. Everything in your home theater sound will be complimented as it plays out through the sound bar and the amazing wireless sub woofer. †Thank you for reading our Samsung HW-H550 Wireless Audio Sound Bar review.

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3 Reviews

  1. We are an elderly couple with issues hearing and the HT-CT660 has increased the sound and sharpness for our HD TV. I know I would buy this device over again and recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to hear their favorite shows better.

  2. The HW-H550 sound bar is insane. We have a 3D TV and 3D blu ray player, so what better way to top it all off than with a sound bar. I wasn’t very familiar with sound bars so I looked at sites like PC Magazine and a few other popular electronics blogs before choosing to buy the HW-H550. I was looking for a sound bar at a reasonable price that would hook up easily with the rest of the things I had going. I’m also not wildly tech savvy so I wasn’t looking for something that’s difficult to put together. The HW-H550 set up flawlessly and the sound is truly something you have to experience for yourself. We’ve had surround sound systems in the past but the crisp sound that comes from the HW-H550 is by far the best sound I’ve ever heard for an at-home entertainment system. It was worth every penny and I am glad I didn’t skimp for a lesser brand or model. Looks-wise, the HW-H550 is sleek and fits in well with most TVs. For our TV it doesn’t interfere with the remote in any way and it is lightweight but doesn’t feel crappy or like it’s going to fall apart.

  3. The HW-H550 is a home run in my opinion. I am using it with a 46” TV, but obviously you can use it with any size of TV you have. My TV isn’t brand new but the HW-H550 hooked up to it quickly and I appreciate that there’s no guesswork when setting up the HW-H550. That really makes things easier on you and lets you set up the sound bar fast. The sub-woofer seriously keeps the sound at its prime and the fact that the system is wireless is also a major benefit. Who wants ugly wires hanging all over the place?

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