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Panasonic SC HTB350

Panasonic SC HTB350 Audio System Reviews

A few things set this speaker system apart from the rest. First, the stainless mesh design compliments any home decor style from classic to modern. Second, The multi-positional speaker system lends itself to a myriad of configurations. Its energy star qualification means you will use less power to hear all of your favorite audio and video content. Outfitted with the latest Dolby sound decoders, the SC-HTB350 delivers with clarity.

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What Makes Panasonic SC-HTB350 Audio System Special

The sound quality is excellent producing great high treble sound and thunderous lows. One of the neatest features of this product is the ability to reconfigure the speakers. The main bar splits into two different parts so you can place sound where you need it. There is even a wall mounting bracket should for wall mount installations under your TV should you lack an entertainment center. The sub woofer is downward facing. This lends itself to creating a solid bass sound that fills the room. Plus, its wireless capability means you can conveniently tuck it out of sight.

System Cost & Customer Care

The cost of the unit is as little as $339.98. Vastly affordable, you are able to get quality and innovative technology at an affordable rate. Many times sales and coupons can bring the price of the unit even lower. The Panasonic brand prides itself in creating a great customer experience and should you have any trouble with your Panasonic SC-HTB350 Audio System you can contact them for repair or replacement. They provide a warranty service that you can register for via form card or online.

Panasonic SC HTB350 Audio System Sound

The Panasonic SC HTB350 comes with three different types of Dolby decoders. Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, and Dolby DTS all come standard with the SC-HTB350. This means you get great high definition sound from your TV. It also means you get amazingly clear streaming sound from your music devices. Finally, it means you will get theater quality sound from your home movies. Your TV already gives you a great picture. The Panasonic SC-HTB350 will complete the experience by delivering great sound.

Final Review of Panasonic SC HTB350 Audio System

The wireless sub woofer sounds amazing with its downward facing design. The bass is deep, strong, and clear. Its wireless ability lends itself to many different placement options within a room. Couple this with the fact that it has Dolby Logic, Dolby DTS, and Dolby Digital decoders and you have one incredible piece of equipment. For great sound at an affordable price, the Panasonic SC-HTB350 delivers and delivers well. Thank you for reading our Panasonic SC HTB350 reviews.

Get Panasonic SC HTB350 Reviews

3 Reviews

  1. Out of the box, the SC-HTB350 is pretty much ready to go. I was ready to get this thing going within an hour of receiving it and the SC-HTB350 really gives you the ability to do that. The HDMI inputs make it easy to hook up the SC-HTB350 and it is ready to connect right after that. I love the SC-HTB350 because the sound is beyond anything I’ve heard and this is coming from someone who had pretty elaborate surround sound setups in the past. If you are a movie lover or you love to entertain people, the SC-HTB350 is the best bang for your buck. The look of the SC-HTB350 is awesome because it blends right in and it is also very easy to mount. I didn’t end up mounting it until after we’d had it about six months and upgraded to a new TV, which we decided to mount as well. In my opinion, if the TV is mounted, you need the sound bar mounted too and the SC-HTB350 is easy to get on the wall without any problems leveling. This is something you’ll constantly use, which is why I didn’t have a problem with the price. We love watching movies at home and this enhances that experience.

  2. For the past two months I have been price comparing and researching sound bars. I am limited on funds, but I saved up for something reasonable that would hopefully enhance my movie experience at home. I was not really looking to spend a ton of money but a well-known electronics blog rated the SC-HTB350 as one of the best and considering the price, I couldn’t afford to pass it up. The SC-HTB350 is a beautiful sound bar that fits seamlessly into any décor and the sound is ridiculous. You will not believe how loud and how improved the sound is coming from this thing.

  3. Reinvent your old TV with the SC-HTB350. My TV is six years old and the SC-HTB350 still hooked up to it with no problems. This sound bar is a great price but the quality of sound it provides outdoes the competition.

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