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LG NB3740A

LG NB3740A Sound Bar Review

This wireless sound bar packs quite a punch considering its size. Crystal clear high tones, great full bodied mid tones, and a nice foundation of bass via the sub woofer make for an outstanding customer experience. The Sound Bar was easy to set up and install. An optional wall mount is included, but is not necessary should you decide to place it in front of your TV on the entertainment center. The sound quality is phenomenal and the $349.00 list price is unmatched.

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LG NB3740A Sound Bar Features

LG has really packed some neat features into this product. You have the ability to stream movies, video, and TV shows from Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Netflix and Youtube. You can even access your favorite games and apps from the device. The sound bar is completely wireless. This means no massive wire nest coming out of the back of your television or entertainment center. In addition, its Blue tooth capability means you can stream music from your favorite music device.

LG NB3740A Sound Bar Cost

Many functions are built in to the LG NB3740A Sound Bar for the amazing price of $349. The LG Smart World App Store comes pre-loaded. This gives you a world of fun and engaging games and apps with a click of your remote. All Video service providers come pre-loaded as well. However some of these might require additional subscriptions if you are not yet a subscriber. Wifi connectivity is also built in to the sound bar. Setting it up to connect with your network is a snap.

LG NB3740A Sound Bar Sound Quality

The LGNB3740A produces amazing sound on two different fronts. First, any streaming sound will have great clarity simply because there are 320 watts of power and LG has great design. Second, there is an HDMI output on the bar. This allows you to connect your TV to the sound bar which ensures that you will capture all of the clarity that comes with high definition sound. Volume controls are always native to the device you are using so you are in total control of your sound experience.

LG NB3740A Sound Bar Final Review

With its ease of use, amazing sound, and cross platform video/music streaming capability, the LG NB3740A Sound Bar is a household staple. Easy setup via wifi to an existing network widens it scope and makes for a convenient all in one catch all for sound. The fact that it is wireless only adds to the appeal. No messy cords, no wires to grapple with, just great sound! Thank you for reading our LG NB3740A reviews.

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4 Reviews

  1. I compared the LG NB3740A to a more expensive model and actually ended up returning that sound bar. The LG NB3740A has everything you need to get that big grand sound of movies and video games. It is great for listing to music too.

  2. One of the best things about this sound bar is the Bluetooth capabilities. This means you can listen to anything on your tablet or phone and have the sound stream through the sound bar. I bought the LG NB3740A because it had rave reviews from two of the big electronics blogs and I’d read positive reviews on other sites. The price is excellent considering everything it does and the setup was super quick. I didn’t have any problems connecting to anything and I am a big fan of any electronics that come with the things you need to mount them. The directions for mounting are also very clear and make it easy for you to put the LG NB3740A on the wall and get the full experience of the sound it offers. The tones straight out of the box worked for me and I did tinker with it a bit for the automated settings since I like a little more treble than most. The volume sound best when you have it on loud, so get ready to blow out your guests ears if you really want to show off this baby in action. We’ve had the LG NB3740A for almost a year and it has worked well with everything from movies to video games.

  3. I use this sound bar with the PS3, as well as my TV and blu ray player. I really like the LG NB3740A because it’s wireless and with everything else I have going on, I have enough wires to deal with. The LG NB3740A is sleek in design and doesn’t take up much space at all. When you get it out of the package it feels light but don’t mistake this for being an electronic that’s cheap. I like that the LG NB3740A is pre-programmed for movies and music and the sound settings are perfect for me, but you do have the option to change them.

  4. The LG NB3740A is an easy way to make your TV feel new again. Ours isn’t old, but the LG NB3740A has really made it more enjoyable to watch movies especially. You feel like you’re in the thick of things with this device.

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