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Why Do Sound Bars Sound So Good

The Reasons behind the Sound Bars’ Topnotch Audio

The popularity of sound bars has risen tremendously over the past years. Flat-screen TVs usually come with inferior speakers and sound bars fill a widespread need for better sound. Thanks to recent technological innovations, sound bars are able to produce higher quality sound than ever before. The latest models are equipped with more powerful amplification and advanced processing than plenty of receivers sold in the largest retail stores.

Marriage between Chip-makers and Speaker Designers

Chip-makers such as Texas Instruments (TI) and Wolfson Microelectronics are enjoying growth in the silicon market. These companies manufacture digital amplification products and processing chips, technology that can be applied to sound bars. Meanwhile, the consumers’ increasing interest in sound bars have propelled speaker designs to seek the help of chip-makers in order to enhance their products.

The Enhancement Provided by Aureus

One of the main goals of the collaboration between chip-makers and speaker designers is to produce sound bars that yield an enveloping sound experience. This type of audio can only be achieved by selecting the right hardware to run the necessary algorithm. TI started offering their special line of Aureus DSP (digital signal processing) processors to selected business partners. These processors were built by TI with the need of speaker designers in mind.

High Demand Propels Sound Bars’ Growth

The ease and compact size of sound bars are enough reasons more and more people are buying them. Thanks to technological advancement, customers will have an even increasing desire for these speakers. Clients are going to expect better sound quality. The inventive ways sound bars are improving will guarantee customers walk away happy. Manufactures are projecting rising sales in the coming years.

The Future of Sound Bars

The future looks bright for sound bars. Speaker designers, from both the hardware and software sectors, are gaining more knowledge. The next step for engineers is to focus on sound clarity, an extremely important feature sound bars must offer. The technology required to produce immersive sound continues to grow. Audio that envelopes the listeners and takes them to a different plane of listening pleasure will always be in demand.