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iOS vs Android – Which Platform is Best

iOS vs Android

Choosing the best operating system (OS) for your smartphone is a lot like choosing your next vehicle purchase. There are a lot of factors that go into your decision, and ultimately you might have to make some compromises. In the end, however, you usually leave satisfied with the best choice for you personally. Whether you haven’t made a decision yet on your next phone, or you’re interested in what the other OS has to offer, here’s a look at what two of the most popular operating systems (Android and Apple’s iOS) have to offer.

iOS is Easy and Reliable

As part of the Apple line of technological gadgetry, the iOS found on iPhones provides the benefits typically found on other products within Apple’s repertoire. First and foremost, if you’re happy with the iPod, iPad, the MacBook, and so forth, you’re likely to enjoy using iOS as your operating system. Aside from the consistency with other Apple products, the iOS also provides an easy-to-use and reliable interface that rarely crashes.

Security Features

Finally, the iOS is a good choice for those seeking a higher sense of security on their phones. Apple employees personally inspect each and every app that is posted to the iOS App Store, ensuring that the app isn’t tied to the operating system directly. This safeguard ensures that malware and spyware can’t infect the phone itself, staying within the apps and off of the OS. There are various other security features installed in the phone as well that can be used in the event your phone is stolen.

Android Flexibility

Among the benefits that an Android phone has to offer is that it’s the default system for most phones that aren’t owned by Apple. If you switch from one phone platform to another, for example, and the new phone isn’t an iPhone, the change will feel seamless to you as a user. Android phones are also flexible in allowing you to customize your phone. Want to change the font to a more appealing style? Want to create folders or otherwise fix the aesthetic appeal of your home screen? These changes are easy on an Android OS.

Android Technology

Technological advances are also part of Android mobile phones. Some phones allow you to turn them on by double-clicking or through voice activation. Facial recognition and eye-tracking are also new features seen on Android phones. While Apple usually has to play “catch-up” with these and other innovations, Android phones typically are already one step ahead with the newest features that are sure to impress.

Which iPhone is right for you?

In picking the right phone for you, it’s best to understand what your particular needs or requirements for your phone may be. If you want a phone that is simple, reliable, and secure, picking a phone with Apple’s iOS may be the best choice. On the other hand, if you want a customizable and flexible mobile device (not to mention more affordable), an Android phone may be preferable.