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Germs on Your Smartphone

Smartphones are Carriers

Germs, diseases, and bacteria are everywhere. We, the human race, have witnessed all sorts of health-related pandemics, and have dealt with them accordingly. From washing our hands to vaccinations, there have been many innovations when it comes to people’s health.

We Often Forget About Our Phones

One aspect of our lives and daily routines is being overlooked, however. It’s our mobile devices. Our smartphones follow us everywhere, from home, to work, to the gym, and in some cases even the restroom. Wherever we go, our mobile phones usually follow. The problem is, in most situations where we personally try to be hygienic, we often forget to clean our smartphones, too.

Germs Loves Hiding on Phones

Consider where you place your phone, especially in public places. Do you use your phone at restaurants? After filling up at the gas pump? Or do you place your phone on the kitchen counter, a room in your house with more bacteria than your bathroom? Even using your phone after something as simple as a handshake can transfer bacteria to your device. Sure, you might wash your hands discreetly afterwards — but how often do you clean your phone? Your phone itself can become a catalyst for spreading germs.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Phone

Becoming more conscious about where you take your smartphone and where you use it is first and foremost. Consider placing your device on a napkin while you’re at a restaurant. If you shake someone’s hands, be sure to sanitize your own hand afterwards but before you use your phone. Use screen protectors or wipe your phone off with antibacterial wipes to greatly diminish the number of germs on your device. Even using leftover hand sanitizer from when you clean your own hands can prove to be helpful.

Keep Diseases Off Your Phone

There are germs and bacteria everywhere we go in our society today. We take several precautions to prevent the spread and contamination of these microscopic menaces. What’s surprising, however, is how little we pay attention to some of the most used devices we own, and how our smartphones could be the root cause of our illnesses. Taking precautions to clean our mobile devices will help prevent the spread of bacteria and other diseases that do us harm.