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How to Clean Your Phone

Keep a Healthy Phone

The world is a dirty place. Germs and bacteria fly rampant all around us, and while most of us take the proper safeguards to ensure we don’t become ill ourselves, we often forget some of the important parts of our lives that rarely get any attention (with regards to germ prevention). Among the least considered aspect of our daily lives we tragically ignore is our smartphones.

Phones and Bacteria

Studies have demonstrated that your mobile device can contract bacteria at an alarming rate. Some studies have shown that smartphones can even contract more germs than your toilet handle. Imagine putting that up to your face! Keeping your phone clean is very simple. There’s really nothing to it, and if you keep doing it regularly you shouldn’t have any problems with preventing the contraction of hazardous diseases or bacteria.

Some Tips for Cleaning Your Phone

When you bought your cell phone, you probably remember a little cloth that was included with it that was designed for cleaning. Those cloths help, but very little. Rather than eliminate the germs on your phone, they’re more likely to smear the germs around. You’re more likely to get rid of the germs completely if you use a disinfectant wipe. These wipes clean your phone, and don’t merely move the bacteria around its surface and most disinfectant wipes are safe for use on your smartphone.

Regular Habits to Adopt for Smartphone Cleaning

Be sure to clean all sides of your smartphone. Leaving places uncleaned will do little in your fight against the spread of bacteria and germs on your phone. Be sure to clean your phone at least once a week. Doing so will make sure your phone is consistently clean. Don’t put your phone in places where it will get dirty easily. Public restaurants, restrooms, shopping malls, and the like are all heavy-traffic areas where germs spread easily. If you must bring your phone out, be sure to clean it off as soon as you’re able to do so.

Your Health and Phone Go Hand-in-Hand

Keeping yourself healthy is of utmost concern to your well-being. One way to keep healthy is to make sure that you continue to clean the everyday household products that you use frequently. Most people make a habit of cleaning their kitchens or bathrooms, but most of us forget, however, the device we carry around with us everywhere we go, our cell phones. If we keep up with our cleaning habits on our phones, we be sure to have a more healthy lifestyle.