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Raven Tools

Raven Tools Review

Raven Tools provides SEO software for individuals, agencies, businesses, and large companies. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on in-person SEO-analysis, you can use their SEO reports to get accurate data reports in no time. Raven Tool gives customers accurate and up-to-date data. Not only can customers get keyword rankings, they can create comprehensive campaigns that organize and sort all of their data.

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Features of Raven Tools

Raven Tools provides SEO Software that allows customers to track keywords for their websites. It provides keyword rankings that offer a side-by-side view of click-through rates, visits, searches, and insights so that you can make the best choices for your company. Not only do clients get a break down of their data, they also get keyword rankings that translate into dollars and cents, so customers can see exactly where they stand. Raven Tools includes multiple programs that break down the most important SEO information. Customers can see their rankings, compare their rankings with their competitors, manage their links, and get up-to-date data that can help them create a website that can reach the most customers.

What Else Can Raven Tools Do?

Raven also offers a site auditor that makes it easy for customers to get an overview of their website’s SEO issues. They offer a list of areas that need help so that customers can easily fix their problems. In addition, Raven’s site auditor let’s customers see the “health” of their website based on its SEO history, and they let customers know specific changes to make so that they can optimize their SEO content. In addition to their site auditor and SEO help, Raven Tools also includes link building tools that can help customers track their links. With their products, you can store link information, categorize your links, and monitor your links to make sure they work.

Cost of Raven Tools SEO

The excellent software Raven produces can be had for the mere cost of $99 per month. This is very affordable considering how powerful and useful Raven is. And the software keeps getting better with time. The people who build Raven are dedicated to its improvements, so you get that value over time as well.

Help and Support

Raven, in addition to providing various types of website support like SEO help and a site auditor, also offers a blog that breaks down how to become a social media expert, how to retarget social media campaigns, and how to customize your Google analytics reports. Plus you can contact the knowledgeable staff at Raven Tools anytime.

Final Review of Raven Tools

Raven Tools offers a wide array of SEO software. They let you research, report, and manage all of your campaigns in one place. Raven Tools offers a site auditor, rankings, a link manager, a website finder, and SEO metrics all in one place so that customers can track their rankings and update their websites with ease. Thank you for reading our Raven Tools SEO review.

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14 Reviews

  1. I got to be honest. If you’re not currently using Raven Tools, you’re missing out on the best SEO tool there is. It does what everything else does, but it combines everything into one simple portal. I prefer using Raven Tools instead of using 5 to 10 different programs, you know? It’s much easier, as well as cheaper. Plus, I think Raven Tools does these individual tasks and things better than its competitors. As an example, its competitive analysis tool literally tells you everything you need to know about your competitor: the page load time, the URL structure, the technologies being used (WordPress, Apache, etc.), the keywords, the XML sitemap layout, the robots file, the backlinks, the anchor text and more. The trick is to use this information to basically make your site kind of mirror that of those competitors who are out-ranking you. If you can do this without outright copying your competitor, you can easily rank your site alongside your competitor. Mind you, using Raven Tools’s additional tools (like its on-page SEO checker and its long tail keyword discovery tool), I was able to out-rank my competitor! That’s pretty amazing, right? Now I’m hoping to do it with one site and then another site and then another site!

  2. I highly recommend investing in Raven Tools. I’ve been in SEO for a decade, so trust me when I say that you need every tool you can get to survive the SEO game these days. What I like about Raven Tools is that it basically combines everything into one, making it the ultimate in SEO tools.

  3. I never realized the importance of regular link building. After I built a site, I would toss up a few hundred links and consider the job done. After literally getting nowhere (zero search-engine traction), I took a friend’s advice and got Raven Tools. It introduced me to the concept of continued link building. With this software, I am now able to continually build links from Web 2.0s, Wikis, article directories, etc. And amazingly enough, this continued link building has helped my sites perform much better in the search engine. I guess it shows Google that I am serious about my site. Regardless, it works!

  4. I really like Raven Tools’s competitive analysis tools. It can compare two web pages based on so many factors: keywords, number of links, the usage of bold/italics, the use of headers, the use of meta tags, etc. It’s extremely invaluable for finding out why your competitors are out-performing you!

  5. Raven Tools is the ultimate SEO tool. It covers every aspect of SEO. I mean it contains email templates, backlink checkers, link analyzers, active link verifiers, link exchange locators and so much more. Plus, it can produce heavy-duty reports on your website. I discovered to my horror that my sites were loaded with problems, from missing titles and descriptions to broken links, poorly optimized keywords and much more. I also found out that my backlink profile was lacking. I had too many bad links and too few good links pointing to my site. I’m telling you… if you’re serious about SEO, then you need to get Raven Tools ASAP!

  6. Raven Tools is by far the most Google Penguin and Panda friendly tool in existence. It’ll closely analyze every aspect of your site and then tell you exactly what you are doing wrong. If Panda and Penguin are making your life difficult, then you NEED this tool!

  7. Raven Tools is an amazing comprehensive SEO tool that offers site promotion, site optimization, site analysis and site maintenance, to name a few. More importantly, it integrates these categories into one very easy-to-follow interface. What you get therefore is a really simple but powerful tool that can help you streamline your SEO work. The irony? I now spend a lot less time on SEO. Yet my sites are ranking so much better that they have ever ranked before. One thing you need to understand about SEO is that it’s not about working hard. It’s about working smart using tools like Raven Tools!

  8. I could not believe the number of features that came with Raven Tools. It has everything: keyword suggestion tools, keyword generators, meta tag generators, link suggestion tools, page comparison tools, etc. It’s the more comprehensive SEO tool I’ve ever worked with!

  9. I had had it with the rat race and decided that it was time that I took my success into my own hands. I had done a lot of research and found that starting an online business was actually pretty simple to do and could be very lucrative, so long as you take the right steps to promote your business. What’s one of the most important aspects of promoting an online business? Search engine optimization. Thanks to Raven Tools software, I didn’t have to spend a ton of time learning the best SEO practices because it takes care of it for me. Thanks, Raven Tools!

  10. My business is my passion, but when it comes to marketing, I admit that I don’t know what I am doing at all. Thanks to Raven Tools, I don’t have to! This amazing software does all of the work for me!

  11. So, I’m not one who normally sings the praises of others, especially when it comes to products. However, I have discovered this amazing product that has really changed my life and I needed to share how wonderful it is. It’s a search engine optimization product; a software tool, to be exact. This simple little software has really changed the way my business runs and I am having more success than ever before, which is why I am talking it up so much. What is the big deal about it? Well, it is a search engine optimization tool. If you don’t know anything about SEO, it is a tactic that is used to help increase the visibility of websites by boosting search engine rankings. Yeah, I didn’t know anything about it, either. A buddy of mine told me that I needed to put this tactic into effect in order to attract more clients to my business. I looked at him like a deer in headlights, he laughed and then he gave me Raven Tools. I started using it right away and let me tell you, it has had a huge impact on my success. My website is in the top rankings on the Web and I am enjoying more success than ever before.

  12. My business is my passion, but when it comes to marketing, I admit that I don’t know what I am doing at all. Thanks to ####, I don’t have to! This amazing software does all of the work for me!

  13. Have you tried everything in your power to create a website that will attract customers and boost your success? Do all of your efforts seem like they are in vein because, despite your best efforts, you still aren’t driving traffic to your website? Well, I’ve got the answer to your problems. Search engine optimization is one of the most important things that you can do for the success of a website. Thanks to Raven Tools, you don’t have to know the first thing about SEO in order to take advantage of its powerful effects; this software will handle it all for you. Talk about genius!

  14. I have had a lot of success running my own online business, and I owe a great deal of my success to Raven Tools. Thanks to this amazing software, all of my SEO efforts have been taken care of, which has led to my success.

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