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Is SEO Really Worth It? Measuring SEO ROI

Search Engine Optimization

SEO makes websites appealing. By catering to both the consumer and Google’s algorithm, you’re benefitting from valuable traffic. You don’t need a consultant’s help to determine whether or not your efforts are worth the time and money being spent on them. The following tips will help you get the full value.

Increase Organic Traffic

Organic traffic ensures that your optimization efforts are not wasted. Analytics play an important role because they provide regular reports which you can look over and review on an as needed basis. Publishing regular content allows you to look deeper into your data to see what types of posts engage their audience and which keywords are being used to find your site. The more vast the search, the better your chances are of being found in a highly saturated online marketplace.

Higher Conversions Means More Success

Organic traffic can help you reach your desired outcome quickly. It is an indicator of success and can be far more telling than the average metrics. SEO should also entice your audience into signing up for your newsletter or buying your product otherwise it’s virtually worthless. After all, you want traffic that you can engage with. A purchase or mailing list sign-up proves that your optimization efforts are being noticed.

Authority Should Be Considered

Metrics should be considered but not emphasized too heavily. SEOmoz’s Domain Authority and Google’s PageRank can provide valuable insight about your SEO’s efficiency. The algorithm is large and complex, however, so reading too much into these factors is not advised.

Increased Ranking

Ranking should not be ignored. Your ROI will be significantly higher when your rankings are higher. This lets you know that your SEO is doing what it’s supposed to be doing. If traffic isn’t increasing, it’s time to reconsider your plan of attack. If specific keywords are helping you gain organic traffic and conversions, you’re on the right track.

Your Audience is Your Priority

Your site should cater to your audience’s needs. Despite the importance of SEO, it shouldn’t be used in a way that looks suspicious. It shouldn’t be avoided either because it can help drive traffic to your site and add to your success. Make your audience happy and they’ll return for another visit in the near future. A good gauge of whether or not your SEO efforts are hitting home is your reader and customer response to the changes in your site. If you focus on taking care of them and their needs, you’re golden. If you get too caught up with analytics and conversions, you may miss an opportunity.

Don’t Ignore SEO

Ignoring SEO altogether won’t get you very far, either. It’s how you set yourself apart from the competition. It’s your strategy for increasing traffic organically. By paying attention to the areas listed above, you can increase the number of views you receive each month and increase your readership or customer base. Thank you for reading our article about measuring SEO ROI.