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RegZooka Review

RegZooka is a product brought to you by Zookaware. Zookaware was founded in 2004 when founder and president Carl Haugan got fed up with his computer’s performance. At that time, spyware was a fairly new threat, but Haugan was infected with it. He was dissatisfied with how the spyware remover programs worked. So, he decided to create software that would remove any spyware that was detected.

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Features of RegZooka

With RegZooka, you can fix fifteen types of registry errors. Highlights include correcting what programs open when certain files are selected, removal of shortcuts to files or programs that no longer exist, fix failing startup programs, fixing invalid audio and sound entries, and more. If your computer experiences a problem so severe you get the blue screen, RegZooka has tools to fix this. It also provides repairs for applications that refuse to respond and shut down automatically. There are even many ways to clean up your web browser, so it will be speedier. All of these features were incredibly easy to access and use.

Cost to Own RegZooka

RegZooka costs $29.95 per year for each PC you would like to use it on. With this, you have unlimited use of the software to speed up your computers, improve startup speed, resolve various types of faults, fix fifteen types of registry errors, and utilize the three step scan, detect, and fix. Plus, you receive their 100 percent error fix guarantee.

Support & Help

Support by remote access, phone, live chat, and email are all available seven days per week, 24 hours a day by agents located in the United States. ZookaWare technicians will fix your PC’s problems for you if for some reason RegZooka is unable to. In addition, there are a variety of helpful guides and an extensive FAQ section if you want to try to answer your question without contacting anyone.

Final Review of RegZooka

If you are curious about what registry repair software can do for slow computer, RegZooka is an adequate choice for you. Without compromising your PC’s safety, critical registry issues are removed by an effective and quick scan. All of the tools are easy to put into use without knowing a whole lot about computers. And, if you do not like it, you get your money back. Thank you for reading our RegZooka review.

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9 Reviews

  1. We are always looking for new ways to make our computers run better. I found RegZooka online and I think it is the best things we’ve done for our computers in a very, very long time! I had read varying things about registry cleaners but ultimately it was what saved my computer. I ran it on my wife’s computer too and it seems to have upped the ante in terms of performance. I think RegZooka is a good bet for those who are experiencing issues opening Windows Task Manager and also those who are having issues with programs crashing. I think RegZooka is the way to go because there’s no problem with installation and you can also see what it removed. One of the major problems people have is there are a lot of open points of entry sucking up space on computers and this can make the computer lag. RegZooka removes those points of entry for programs you have likely removed from your computer. I think RegZooka is an awesome choice as a generic registry cleaner because it’s an affordable way to prevent issues with your computer in the future too. Too much stuff on your computer that you aren’t using leaves you more prone to viruses.

  2. I think there’s a lot of confusion surrounding registry cleaners. They are actually more like registry repair software than ‘cleaners’ which is why they are not for every computer problem. It is not something you need to run on your computer on a regular basis in order to keep it in good working condition. In fact, running one when you don’t need it can be harmful. I used RegZooka because I kept getting a Windows error message. My computer was also freezing and would not do anything until I restarted. I think RegZooka is an amazing product and does just what it says.

  3. Registry cleaner isn’t necessarily a must for every computer but I thought it may help my issues with a crashing IM program. I love how fast RegZooka worked and how easy it was to set up. Thumbs up!

  4. My friend said RegZooka fixed his computer problems. I’d never heard of RegZooka or any registry cleaner for that matter but RegZooka was very easy to install and self-explanatory every step of the way. It worked for me!

  5. I kept getting error messages every time I would start my PC. I wasn’t sure what the problem was but after installing RegZooka I no longer get these error messages and my computer is running like a dream. I am happy I took a chance on RegZooka and I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a similar solution. I took my time researching registry cleaners and came up with RegZooka as the primary contender to try because of the superb reviews I read around the web. I am really happy I went with RegZooka because it delivers as promised!

  6. I can honestly say RegZooka works! I am super impressed with how easy it is to install. I’d give myself a 6-7 with computers and RegZooka prompts you along the way so you never worry about what comes next. I think most people would be able to install RegZooka pretty easily. This is an awesome way to solve troubleshooting problems on your computer and the results last. I was having a problem with Windows Task Manager and after installing RegZooka I already see the difference. I think RegZooka is best for those with problems like error messages and programs crashing.

  7. I really wish I’d found Regzooka sooner. I kept getting error messages and would have to restart my computer. I ran into this problem twice before installing Regzooka and it fixed it immediately! It’s awesome!

  8. I started using registry cleaners a few years ago. I have a background in IT and I know that registry cleaners used to be called registry repair because that’s what they do for your computer. I like the idea of something that will fix every problem on my computer once a year but unfortunately that doesn’t exist yet. With RegZooka you can fix those annoying Windows error messages and it also helps get rid of programs you’ve uninstalled that still have entry points on your computer. You will be surprised (and impressed) at how much RegZooka can make a difference on your computer.

  9. Simple and easy which is why I love it. I had a different program before but it never found anything I was looking for. This one is different. Im very happy.

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