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Registry Reviver Review

ReviverSoft is the creator of Registry Reviver registry repair software. They are dedicated to developing software that optimizes your registry, is simple to use, and will keep your registry clean. Registry Reviver will help you improve your computers performance if it seems a little sluggish. If optimizing your registry is your goal, you will have just about every tool at your disposal presented to you with the easy to use and attractive interface.

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Features of Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver makes running scans and removing registry files that are unneeded incredibly easy no matter if you have been around computer your entire life or if you are brand new to the computer world. For the more experienced users, there are plenty of advanced tools to play around with. Even without ever touching the advanced features, you will be able to easily remove any unneeded registry files and malware, adware, spyware, and viruses. You can customize Registry Reviver to create backups automatically, minimize while searching, show the startup screen when launching, check for updates, repair automatically, close after repairs, run at startup, and much more.

Cost to Download Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver offers one product, and it costs $29.99. For that price, you get unlimited product upgrades and updates, unlimited premium support, and unlimited use of it on one PC. With the $29.99, you are able to use Registry Reviver for twelve months to optimize your registry thus maximizing your computer’s potential. Also, to ensure optimum performance, it will maintain your registry and repair it to eliminate errors and issues. The value is incredible considering how much you have to lose.

Support & Customer Help

For beginning users, the support and help on the ReviverSoft website is outstanding. Many of the FAQs, tutorials, and discussion forums may be unnecessary for seasoned veterans, but for beginners, it is indispensable. The helpful guides in conjunction with the guaranteed 24 hour turnaround on any support tickets make Registry Reviver a standout registry cleaner. Another nice feature is ReviverSoft’s blog. The blog is written at the level of a casual computer user, so it removes a lot of the mystery involved in cleaning up your PC. There are also plenty of how-to articles relating to optimizing your web browser, uninstalling software, system restore points, and defragmenting.

Final Review of Registry Reviver

You would be hard pressed to find better registry cleaner software than Registry Reviver. It makes the cleaning process a breeze and is simple to use. The software pretty much works on its own once you follow the simple step by step guide to setting up the application. If you want to know more about the nuts and bolts, there are advanced features that give you the details. To breathe new life into your computer, pick up Registry Reviver today. Thank you for reading our Registry Reviver review.

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7 Reviews

  1. I think Reg Reviver is ideal for those who know what the problem is in their computer. If you are not experiencing serious issues but repeatedly get booted from a program or your computer freezes and you have to restart, these could be reasons for using Reg Reviver. With the right management Reg Reviver will clean up your computer and allow things to run smoothly when you are jumping between programs. For me, the IM program I use is what always crashes and Reg Reviver whipped things into shape. I think it’s a great registry software cleaner for those who have a specific problem and want to get things back to normal.

  2. Reg Reviver is the way to go when you know your computer is having problems but maybe aren’t positive what that is. It beats sending the computer to an IT guy and for the most part clears up all issues.

  3. I had an issue with my IMs crashing every time I tried to chat. This was obviously super annoying and not something I wanted to continue to deal with. My problem was the computer would just freeze and I couldn’t get it going again until I restarted, but I couldn’t even tell my friend I’d be back in a few minutes. It was such a pain to deal with! I learned about Reg Reviver on message board and it has been a major improvement for my online social life! I am good with computers but overall Reg Reviver is very easy to install and it walks you through each step, so even the less versed will not have problems with installation. I think Reg Reviver works for a lot of different troubleshooting issues, but this just happen to be mine. I have seen improved performance for my computer on many different levels and I can say with confidence it’s due to Reg Reviver. If you are looking for a generic registry cleaner, Reg Reviver fits the bill. You will not have an issue with any of the basic problems a computer can have after installing Reg Reviver. Some tech professionals say this isn’t a must but from personal experience I can say I have seen new life in my computer and it’s because of Reg Reviver.

  4. I learned of Reg Revivier on a PC blog. I was just about to send my computer to a big box store for repairs and I am so glad I went with Reg Revivier first! It fixed everything in minutes.

  5. I am a student and I have had way too many experiences with losing and important file so I thought I needed Registry Reviver. It was easy to install and doesn’t take up much space, which is good since I seem to always have to add more memory. Plus, I live on campus and use the school’s wifi so I want to make sure my computer is protected. Registry Reviver guards against viruses, spyware, adware and malware to keep my computer safe and virus-free. I like the easy 3 step process for recovering lost or missing documents and the ability to fix missing shortcuts and invalid paths.

  6. I am definitely no computer genius but with Registry Reviver I was able to install this registry cleaner quickly. It also started to find everything I wasn’t using and that has made the computer run efficiently. I love Registry Reviver!

  7. I work for a large company and I was constantly getting calls from people who swore they hadn’t deleted this file or this email but they “just couldn’t find it”. It was really an IT person’s nightmare. I had used Registry Reviver on my own computer and though it was a great product because it integrates the ability to search for and recover missing files along with the ability to keep things clean and organized and, most importantly, protected from the crap on the internet. I love that my days are no longer filled searching through lines of Windows deleted files in an effort to find the one that they “swore they didn’t delete” but “just can’t put their finger on it”.

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