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Registry Mechanic

Registry Mechanic Review

Registry Mechanics is part of Symantec’s PC Tools. PC Tools is dedicated to supplying consumers with effective, affordable, and easy to use computer performance tools. They have been getting the job done right with an industry leading and award winning product portfolio. It has been the simple choice for more than fourteen years.

Registry Mechanic

Features of Registry Mechanic

If you do not know where to start in repairing your computer, Registry Mechanic is the way to go to get your PC running more smoothly. The user interface is intuitive making it easy for you to access all of the tools needed to repair your registry. Registry Mechanic’s monitor runs in the background without taking up many of your PC’s resources. Changes are made to the registry in real time. There are also a variety of one click optimization buttons that automatically run performance enhancing tools.

Cost of Registry Mechanic

PC Tools offers two strong registry cleaning software tools. Above we covered their standard offering, Registry Mechanic. Registry Mechanic costs $29.99 for one year of unlimited use on three computers. For ten dollars more ($39.99), you can get the premium PC Tools Performance Tools. It has all the same features plus some. With Performance Tools, you can restore lost photos or music, repair and analyze hard drives, organize files for faster access, accelerate shutdown and startup times, and remove duplicate files to clear space.

Customer Service & Help

PC Tools offers a wide array of support options. There is online technical support that includes FAQs, tutorials, an extensive knowledge base, and community forums. You can chat live with a customer support representative or you can give them a call, which is customer service feature that is becoming rare these days. Customer service agents are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week, every single day of the year. The agents are professional and knowledgeable and insist on making sure your questions are answered before getting off the phone.

Final Review of Registry Mechanic

Registry Mechanic is a must have for anyone who uses Windows. The registry defragmentation tool will impress advanced users. No matter your experience level, you will appreciate how well your computer works with an optimized and cleaned registry. If you take the health of your PC seriously or have sensitive information, we strongly recommend Registry Mechanic or its premium brother Performance Tools. Best of all, you can try either of them for free. Thank you for reading our Registry Mechanic review.

Registry Mechanic

4 Reviews

  1. I learned about registry cleaner software a few months ago but I didn’t think I really needed it. One of my close friends is an IT and she recommended I use Reg Machanic for my computer because it was being weird. She said it would basically troubleshoot any issues I was having. I couldn’t believe how well it worked! I am not great with computers and it was very simple for me to install. Reg Machanic basically prompts you along the way so you don’t have to worry about what the next step is. I really liked that part and it’s the reason I knew my parents, who live across the country, would have no issue setting up Reg Machanic on their own. My computer kept crashing every time I was IM-ing with someone which is why my IT buddy said Reg Machanic would be the solution. From my understanding, you do not need to use Reg Machanic often, but more as a solution for specific computer problems. If you aren’t sure what’s wrong with your computer, it doesn’t mean that Reg Machanic will fix the issue but it does work for a lot of different things including poor IM performance and issues launching Windows Task Manager.

  2. I was looking for something to protect not only my PC but also my external hard drive since I had had a bad experience with one crashing a year ago. My IT friend told me about Remo so I looked into it. I am happy I did because I feel much more at ease knowing I can get to my files even if something happens to go wrong.

  3. Just buy it. It stupid not to protect your files and photos and movies and songs. All it takes is one mistake click and your stuff could be gone.

  4. I am very busy and don’t have time for lost file or missing pictures. I swear my wife would call me at work at least once a week because she could not figure our where the pictures she just downloaded were on her laptop. Remo was the answer. Now she can do her own search and find where she put them and I get a lot more work done during the day. It’s a win-win situation.

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