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PetPlan Reviews

PetPlan is a large and established pet insurance company. It is available in all 50 states of the United States, and there is a sister company, PetPlan UK, that provides insurance to pets in the United Kingdom. It is even available in some parts of Canada, making it one of the only international pet insurance providers out there. They collectively have more than 35 years of experience in the pet insurance industry.

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Pets are Priceless Family Members

If you have a pet in your home, it is a safe bet that you are willing to do almost anything to protect your pet from harm. Our pets are always there for us when we need them, loyal, and protective. One in three pets will need some sort of unexpected veterinary care this year, so one of the best things you can do to treat your pet like family is to protect them with a pet health insurance policy.

Benefits of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance policies have many benefits. First, your finances are protected should your pet get sick or injured. You can choose coverage that will cover routine vet care; just like your own health insurance policy protects you when you need to go in for a checkup. Quotes are really easy and only take a few minutes to complete. You don’t need to know your pet’s exact birth date or breed to get a quote, and you are under no obligation to purchase should you decide it does not fit in your budget.

Why PetPlan is a Great Choice

PetPlan offers three different plans, along with the flexibility to choose the deductible and reimbursement levels that work for your budget. Plan coverage varies, but all plans cover: exam fees, medications, imaging, diagnostics, surgery, cancer treatments, non-routine dental care, alternative therapies, and more. If you choose the gold plan, you can also get reimbursed for the cost of putting up flyers and ads to help you find your pet should he get lost or stolen, along with other features.

What Does PetPlan Cost

The cost of your policy via PetPlan will vary based on your pet, where you live, and the type of coverage you choose. There are too many variables to provide exact numbers, but rest assured that PetPlan is charging affordable market rates and is providing top notch care. And you cannot put a price on the health of your pet.

Final Review of PetPlan

PetPlan is an excellent insurance company, offering a number of plans to suite your needs. You can get up to 15% off your premium every year by taking advantage of one of their many discounts, including: online enrollment (5%), multi-pet discount (10%), service pet (10%), and Veterans and Serving Military Discount (10%). These discounts apply to both dogs and cats and can be combined up to 15%. Thank you for reading our PetPlan reviews.

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15 Reviews

  1. I didn’t think pet insurance was something we really needed because we usually go to a local low cost vet in our neighborhood. Cut to these people not having what they need to treat my dog, which led me to a different vet, equipped to take care of her. I was frustrated as it was and I realized PetPlan was offered by my employer, so I signed up online within minutes and the policy covered what my dog needed. I was stressed and not in the mood to deal with shoddy sales people, but the people at PetPlan are not like that. They really only sell you on what you need and I appreciate that type of service.

  2. Do yourself (and your pet!) a favor and go with PetPlan for pet insurance. I love how they can answer all of my questions the first time around. You will not find better customer service than PetPlan. They are a pleasure to work with every time.

  3. Anyone who has ever fooled with pet insurance knows it can be a giant pain in the rear to deal with. PetPlan is the best thing we’ve done in this department and for us, all claims are processed by our vet then the check arrives. I mean, this really could not be easier and it also protects our pets to the fullest extent. I know many plans are far cheaper if you have new/young pets, but our dogs are both older and our premium is very reasonable. Between annual visits, medication and the like, I know our PetPlan pet insurance has already paid for itself. I think it’s a smart investment for all pet owners because you do not have to worry about what you’ll do if your pet has a major injury or illness. I know for us, we were paying $380 out of pocket for a treatment for our cat before we had PetPlan. That is a big hit when you are elderly and on a fixed income, which is why PetPlan makes sense for us. I know we will have pet insurance through PetPlan as long as we have animals in the house, and that will likely be a very long time!

  4. My buddy had to take it dog to the vet for an emergency surgery and it was expensive. I started thinking about this and wanted to find a way to avoid the high cost. I found PetPlan and they made sure that I had a plan that worked for me.

  5. Pet insurance was something I never thought I would need. I mean really who insures their pets? Not this guy. Well, not until I took Butterball in for his check up and found out he had a tumor and it needed to be removed. Let’s just say I was surprised and so yeah went ahead with the surgery. I was more surprised with the bill afterwards. I decided after this one visit drained my account that I would really look into pet insurance. I looked at a couple of insurance places, but I chose PetPlan because they had the best deals. Now I know that Butterball and I can enjoy life and if something happens, he’s covered. Get insurance because it’s just smart.

  6. My pet is my everything. I got my cat from a shelter and the first thing I did was look for pet insurance. PetPlan had the best prices and their staff is professional every step of the way. I recommend them to anyone.

  7. If you are looking for pet insurance, the best out there is PetPlan. I bought it for my ferret and other pets and it’s a really good thing to have. It gives me peace of mind if anything were to happen to my fur babies.

  8. If you have insurance, that’s a good thing. If you have a pet, you should get pet insurance as well. I didn’t think this was right and I was wrong. My mom had to get her cat taken in for surgery for something and it cost a lot of money. That got me thinking that if something happened to my cat I’d be in trouble financially. So I looked at insurance and found PetPlan. They provided me with lots of information and were very knowledgeable about what services they offered. I was impressed and the price was perfect for what I could afford. I am glad that I now have insurance through PetPlan for my cat. A smart move on my part.

  9. A lady told me that I should look into pet insurance when I was sitting at the shelter one day and looking to adopt a dog. I thought this to be good advice so I did. I looked at a couple of companies but none of them really felt like a good fit. Then one of the gals at the shelter told me about PetPlan pet insurance. I figured why not and so I took a look. The insurance was sound, the people were friendly, very knowledgeable so to me it just felt right. I am glad I went with PetPlan insurance and so does my new dog Bridgette.

  10. Insurance for pets? I didn’t think I needed it. Then I had to take Roscoe in for a surgery and that’s when I found out how that I should have it. That’s where I found PetPlan. They showed me why I need it and it was well worth buying. I recommend PetPlan to everyone.

  11. My dog Max is my best friend and if anything were to happen to him, I’d be lost. I then found out about PetPlan from a friend. Now I have insurance for my best friend in case anything happens. Thanks PetPlan for the best insurance around.

  12. Pet insurance was something I never really considered honestly. But one day, for some reason, I felt the urge to look for insurance. So I did some browsing and I found PetPlan. Okay, my roommate found it, and we really looked through everything. I called them to ask some questions and the lady was very helpful and nice. It really made a great first impression and we with with PetPlan for our two cats. We haven’t had to use it yet thankfully, but we know that if we ever do, PetPlan will be there every step of the way. They are better than some car insurance and that’s pretty amazing. If I can use PetPlan and be this happy, you can too!

  13. There are many things that should be looked at when getting a pet. Food, bedding, toys, and insurance. PetPlan is one of the best companies around and it’s priced better than any I’ve found. They’re not only professional and provide good customer service but the prices they offer is well worth the investment.

  14. I recently became the owner of a litter of cats. Not by choice, they chose me. Their momma was a stray and she had the babies under my porch and I heard them and rescued them. I now love all 3 of those cuties and so I did the next best thing I could and that was find pet insurance. I knew that they would be needing help along the way and I found PetPlan. I told them what I needed and they helped me find the best rate possible. I now have 3 precious kittens in my care and I protect them with PetPlan. They are worth it to me.

  15. A couple months ago, I was sitting in my chair at home relaxing when I heard a screech and then silence. Something felt very strange and I got up and looked outside. There were a couple people standing around a small object in the road that was white. I thought that was odd but then I realized it was an animal. I immediately thought “my cat!” and ran out there. It was my cat and it was still alive. I rushed him to the vet and they saved his life. I got the bill and this is where PetPlan insurance comes in. I got them a month before this happened. If I hadn’t had the insurance there is no way I would have been able to pay for his vet bills. PetPlan pretty much saved my cat’s life!

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