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Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws Reviews

Healthy Paws was founded by Rob Jackson and Steve Siadek. Steve left a corporate job to become an animal shelter executive, and Rob was an insurance executive who adopted two pets, and fostered countless others through the shelter. Together, they launched the insurance program, and the foundation that supports homeless and sick pets. The policies are underwritten by the Ace Group, an A-rated insurer, with over $1 billion in surplus. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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We Love our Pets like Nothing Else

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and your pet wasn’t with you anymore? The loss of a pet is much like the loss of any other family member. Your dog or cat is with you through everything, and to them, you are their everything. You have health insurance to cover your own medical needs, and now you can get pet insurance to help you cover everything from wellness visits and prescription medications to illness and accidental injury. Treat your pets like the family they are without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Pet Insurance

Paying for pet insurance is only a fraction of the cost of what a full vet bill would be, especially if your pet needs emergency surgery or requires expensive medication. You can rest easy knowing your pet is protected, should the worst happen. These days, many families have to choose to re-home their pets, or put them down, simply because they cannot afford to keep them healthy. Having pet insurance means you won’t have to choose between paying your bills and keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Why Healthy Paws is a Great Choice

Healthy Paws has a highly rated customer service program. Plus they were founded by true animal lovers who are also successful in business. Add the fact that you are not tied to a lifetime maximum and you will see why Healthy Paws is a great choice for your pet’s health insurance policy.

What Does Healthy Paws Cost

The monthly fee for your pet’s health insurance policy will vary on a number of factors, including your pet’s age and breed. There are multiple coverage levels to choose from so you can pick what is best for your budget. There are discounts available for multiple pet homes, to cover all the furry members of your family. This flexibility is a great feature because you can tailor the policy to meet you and your pets needs.

Final Review of Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is an excellent choice if you are looking for insurance to cover your pets in their time of need. The company is built on a strong foundation, and even has a non-profit organization attached to it. When you purchase health insurance for your pets with this company, you can rest easy knowing you are doing your part to protect animals from danger and placing them in loving homes. With the money back guarantee, you are never locked in to keeping your policy. Thank you for reading our Healthy Paws reviews.

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19 Reviews

  1. We are so happy we had HealthyPaws when our dog had to have an emergency procedure in the pet ER. There was no time to wait because he had an infection and this was the best pet insurance we could’ve had.

  2. The customer service at HealthyPaws is outstanding. When our large dog, Kipp, became ill I didn’t have enough insurance to cover the cost of treatment. HealthyPaws worked out a plan for us, which was essentially a new plan, that our vet still accepted and we did not have to pay a penny out of pocket. Our premium went up considering the size and age of the dog, but that is still about 1/3 of what we would have paid for the treatment out of pocket. Our vet recommended HealthyPaws about five years ago and thank goodness she did because I know it has saved us a lot of money over the years. We have several friends and family members with dogs and when their pets become ill, they always wish they had HealthyPaws for protection. Some have made the switch to HealthyPaws and always experience great customer service. Filing a claim is very easy and you do not have to wait long for payment to go through to the provider, which is good for us since we are at the vet frequently with our older dogs. I do not want the bad blood of a crummy insurance provider but no worries with HealthyPaws.

  3. My plan with HealthyPaws also has dental visits as part of the pet insurance. My dog ended up with a tooth that had to be extracted and it had to be done by a specialist. I was worried because I was working with a different office for this procedure that HealthyPaws may not cover the costs, but there were no problems at all. In fact, the specialist told me that HealthyPaws is one of the only pet insurance providers that would cover such a drastic procedure without very little out-of-pocket cost. I have been with them for three years and will stick around as long as I have pets!

  4. As someone who works in the industry I can tell you pet care is expensive. I have worked with HealthyPaws as both a client and in our clinic for pet insurance for our patients. I can tell you these are amazing people to work with and make the process flawless from start to finish. I never have to worry if HealthyPaws will cover things, even if they are emergencies. We ended up in the pet ER on a Saturday and because of HealthyPaws the doctors were able to proceed and HealthyPaws covered 97% of the cost. I couldn’t ask for more from pet insurance.

  5. I have been with HealthyPaws for pet insurance for the past six months. I have two cats and it seems like they need all kinds of treatments due to their age (I’ve had them at least 12 years, but the cats themselves are even older). I can’t tell you how much HealthyPaws has changed what we pay at the vet. My husband loves our cats, but he is not one to spend hundreds of dollars on treatments or medicine for them. Since having HealthyPaws we are paying only our premium and everything is covered, which makes my bank account smile.

  6. I think everyone with a pet should have HealthyPaws for pet insurance. Even if your dog doesn’t have an emergency or serious ailment, HealthyPaws will be more cost effective over the span of a year than paying out of pocket.

  7. You should have seen me at the dog park. You’d think I’m a commercial for HealthyPaws but seriously it has saved us so much money. Our previous pet insurance provider was junk compared to everything HealthyPaws covers.

  8. I discovered HealthyPaws through a neighbor. Both of us have a lot of dogs, so we know how expensive their treatments can be. Maintenance alone can be extremely expensive when you have three or more dogs. HealthyPaws has amazing plans that work for every budget and they come through when you need serious procedures for your pet. For us, a $600 procedure cost us nothing and that is heaven sent since we had so many other expenses with our dogs. I am really glad we chose HealthyPaws and I can say with confidence we’ll stay with them. HealthyPaws gets it done.

  9. If you have a pet these days, you have to have pet insurance and that comes with HealthyPaws. I love that the people at HealthyPaws are very nice and you can take care of so many things online. Our vet loves ### too which says a lot.

  10. HealthyPaws truly covers almost 100% of procedures, treatments and visits for your pet. This is pet insurance that actually makes sense for once. No runaround with reimbursement either. This is why I recommend HealthyPaws to everyone with a dog.

  11. We are so glad we invested in HealthyPaws. Like a few other reviews say, it will likely pay for itself. Pet insurance may seem crazy but if you find yourself in a pickle with your fur ball, you will be very happy you chose HealthyPaws.

  12. I know at our vet’s office, the office themselves process all claims. This means I do nothing but pay if needed and then wait for a check. The turnaround time for this is fast considering it’s pet insurance. HealthyPaws rocks!

  13. We had a cancer scare with my cat last summer. At the beginning of this year I decided to enroll my pet in HealthyPaws. My cat is older and she’s had a few medical issues in the past few years. They have taken a serious toll on my wallet, but I did not come from a family that had vet for pets growing up so I honestly did not know how much these things could cost. I thought it would be more reasonable, which is why it took me so long to get pet insurance. HealthyPaws has been an awesome company to work with and they are fast with claims.

  14. When I was trying to decide if I should get pet insurance, I was told to check out HealthyPaws. I did and they have the best prices and the best policies I could find online. I now have insurance for my dog and cat and I’m happy they are protected.

  15. I searched and searched for insurance for my cat Lizzie because she had a tendency to have seizures and I was paying outrageous every time I went to the Vet. I tried one insurance but they were a joke, so it was back to find something else. My mom told me they had HealthyPaws pet insurance and so I figured I’d try them too. I am so glad I listened to my mom! HealthyPaws was the best choice I have ever made regarding insurance and they were nice, knew what they were doing, and I’m just happy. I recommend them to everyone now!

  16. When my cat Whiskers wasn’t feeling well, I thought I would take her in to the vet. While there I found out about HealthyPaws insurance. After this visit and the bill, I made sure to sign up for insurance so if anything happens to Whiskers, I’m prepared.

  17. I had been looking for pet insurance, when a friend told me about HealthyPaws. I looked into them and not only were they professional, but they also understood exactly what I was needing. I recommend them to everyone now.

  18. I was out in the yard one day when I noticed my dog limping. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her until I saw a nail sticking out of her paw. Not wanting to hurt her any worse or risk the chance of infection, I drove her straight to the vet where they extracted the foreign object from her and gave her an antibiotic to take. Had I not had HealthyPaws pet insurance to defray the costs, I would have never been able to do what I did for Pumpkin. That’s why I’m so glad that I took the time to research the different policies that they offer so I could make sure that I got the best deal for the price I was paying each month. I want insurance that covers my dog’s needs without too much out-of-pocket expense. I’m living on a tight budget and these days, you can never be too careful. Pet insurance is something that every pet owner should have and HealthyPaws makes it easy for you to sign up and get the coverage you need. They explain everything to you so you don’t have anything to worry about. How awesome is that?

  19. HealthyPaws insurance is something that I had thought about, but always pushed to the back of my mind. However I knew it needed to be done and it seemed that my cat knew it as well. One day, I was at my computer and my cat wouldn’t leave me alone. I finally said, “Ok, enough, do I need to get you some insurance?” He just looked at me then sat down in my lap. So that day, I looked for pet insurance and found HealthyPaws. Good prices and when I called about some questions, the person I spoke to was very polite and answered all of them very well. I picked HealthyPaws because it was the best for me and I recommended it to my brother. He now has HealthyPaws as well.

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