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Embrace Pet Insurance Reviews

Embrace was established in May 2003, and has received many accolades, including the NEO Success Award. They hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which shows they are good to their customers and pets. They are also a member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association.

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Pets are Like Family Members

For pet owners, it’s not just a dog, or just a cat. Pets are family members, and deserve the best care possible, just like their human companions. Wouldn’t you do anything to make sure your pet is well taken care of? Since most of us don’t have a lot of money in the bank at any given time, and unexpected things can happen to our furry friends just as easily as they can happen to us. If you feel like your pets are family, treat them as such by making sure you’re protected if something bad happens.

Benefits of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance has many benefits. Veterinary expenses can be similar to our own medical bills, and if your dog gets sick or injured, you could easily wipe out your bank account to cover the costs on your own. Insurance not only keeps your pet safe and healthy, it keeps your finances intact. Pet insurance is easy to sign up for, and is much cheaper than you may expect. With just a few clicks, your pet is fully protected should it get sick or hurt. Also, If you’ve recently rescued or adopted an animal and you don’t know much about his or her health history, then an insurance policy can help protect your from the unknown.

Why Embrace Pet Insurance is a Great Choice

With Embrace, you can choose the coverage that’s best for you and your situation. If you just want extra peace of mind in case something bad happens, then you can purchase accident and illness insurance. If you want to be sure you can afford routine care, you can add this to your policy to cover anything from microchipping to vaccines and a routine checkup. Plus, prescription coverage is optional, so you don’t have to pay for something you don’t need. It’s great for pets who have costly prescriptions on a regular basis, but healthy pets may not need it.

What Does Embrace Cost

The cost depends on the policy you get, and what features you want. Insurance is available for puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats. Other factors, such as: where you live, your pet’s breed, age, and how you got the pet (shelter, breeder, family/friend) can impact your monthly rate. You’ll pay an additional $14.95 to $28.95 per month for wellness coverage. There is a 5% discount for pets who are spayed or neutered; another 5% discount for multiple pet households, and an additional 5% discount for members of the armed forces, active or veteran. If you pay your policy on an annual basis, you’ll save an additional 5%.

Final Review of Embrace Pet Insurance

Proper medical care is critical to your pet’s quality of life and well-being. Pet insurance through Embrace enables you to rest easy knowing that if your pet ever gets sick or hurt, you’ll have the ability to cover the bill. One thing that’s really nice about Embrace is you get a risk profile for your pet’s breed, to help you evaluate coverage amounts. Thank you for reading our Embrace Pet Insurance reviews.

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15 Reviews

  1. Pet insurance sounds dramatic and costly and in reality, it doesn’t have to be. I know there are a lot more expensive pet insurance plans out there that cost twice as much and don’t offer as much coverage as Embrace. For me, the key is to get it when you first get your pet. For most vet offices, even if you are taking your dog to one of the big box pet stores for a checkup, this is the most cost efficient way to make sure your pet receives good care without spending your life savings on it. Pet care can get very expensive if you wait until the last minute to cover your pet. In fact, a lot of offices won’t let you buy insurance to cover the cost of treatment as it arises – they want you to already carry insurance beforehand. Embrace has really affordable plans for cats and dogs. We have used Embrace for our two pups and my mother-in-law uses them for her cat. I think you’d have to be crazy not to carry pet insurance in this day and age where pet treatments can costs as much as treating a human being! Well it’s worth it for us to have our best friends around longer.

  2. Some companies really jerk you around when it comes to pet insurance. Embrace is the total opposite. These people seem to genuinely care about your pets and make an effort whenever you need it. I was having issues with the vet pulling up my information, so I called Embrace. Within minutes they were talking to the vet’s office and had everything sorted and sent me a follow-up email to make sure we got what we needed. You simply don’t find companies like this anymore. I have paid out of pocket for vet expenses and had other pet insurance and by far, Embrace was the best.

  3. I’m lucky I decided to sign up with Embrace for pet insurance when I got my new job. It has been a lifesaver with my two German Shepherds, one which had a lot of problems when we moved to a new state. The new vet was great and it was awesome to know he accepted Embrace with no problems.

  4. Save your time and money and go with Embrace for pet insurance. We were introduced to Embrace by my husband’s old employer. Though we are no longer with that employer, Embrace has done an outstanding job of getting us an excellent rate that covers all of our needs for our pups. I am always thankful we have Embrace when the time comes. You may be surprised at how fast those vet bills add up, but if you have an older pet or an outdoor anima, I think Embrace is a must because you are bound to run into a time when you need serious treatment.

  5. Our outdoor dogs only go to the vet once a year typically. We had an injury thanks to an idiot driver who clearly saw the dog but chose not to stop and this resulted in a gash that was later infected. I do not carry a high premium on the outdoor dogs because their needs are minimal, but when this happened I was so happy I had Embrace on my side. The vet was very understanding of the situation and allowed us to upgrade the policy without any issues. For us, this seriously ended up saving us about $1700 that we did not have to spend on our pet. I know our dog was in serious distress but there was some comfort in knowing we would not be hit with a huge bill later on. In the past, I have been in that situation and it is not fun when you are scrambling to pay the bills and now have this giant bill from the vet on top of that. Embrace is great pet insurance that your vet will love working with, thus making things easier on you. I am really impressed with their customer service too. Thumbs-up all around from our family and dogs!

  6. The day that I found out my dog had been hit by a car, my heart dropped. I was scared and we rushed my little fur baby Misty to the vet and they were able to save her life. I was worried about the bill, but then remembered that we had Embrace. If it wasn’t for having Embrace pet insurance, I don’t know how we would have been able to afford the bills that came from Misty’s surgeries. Having Embrace was a lifesaver and if you are not sure if you need insurance, I suggest getting it. I would look nowhere else than Embrace for insurance.

  7. I thought I never would see the day I would need to take Missy to the vet for surgery. The expense was great but I’m thankful I had Embrace for insurance. The cost was much lower and my Missy is feeling better than ever. Thanks Embrace!

  8. Embrace is a great source for pet insurance. Not only is the staff knowledgeable and supportive, they really care about animals. I felt good buying a policy for my dog. I know that if anything was to happen to him, he’d have his medical expenses covered. I purchase insurance for everything else that matters in my life. Why wouldn’t I have a policy for my four-legged friend? Embrace makes it easy. They take the time to explain the coverage available. Pet insurance is an important part of having a pet. It’s something that everyone should consider. Embrace does a good job of explaining why it’s necessary. They let you know how financially devastating one accident or illness can be for your pet. They make it incredibly easy for you to sign-up and give you the support that you need once you have. I love Embrace and recommend them to anyone who wants to protect their precious, furry friend. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to become one of their customers. After all, I love my sweet dog and want the best for him at all times. What pet owner wouldn’t want to give that to their cat or dog?

  9. I was looking for insurance for my dogs because I want to know that if something happens to them I can go and get them looked at and not break the bank. A friend of mine told me that I should really consider Embrace pet insurance. They told me they not only gave them the best price but also really understood what each person was looking for. So I did. I went and contacted Embrace and it was everything my friend said. They were polite, knew their stuff, and I got a great rate on insurance for my dogs. I am so thankful that my friend told me about Embrace and now I tell everyone else.

  10. Embrace not only gave me peace of mind when it came to my dog Lucky, but the price helped me make sure I had insurance and not break the bank. Now Lucky can live life to the fullest and I can enjoy it with him.

  11. No one expects something bad to happen to them. That’s why I was so glad to have Embrace when Happy got hit by a car last month. My cat has a tendency to prowl around the neighborhood and in an attempt to honor his spirit, I let him roam freely during the day and bring him in at night. Little did I know that the teenage boy across the street would hit him when backing out of his driveway for school one day! I was heartbroken as I held Happy in my arms at the vet’s office. I knew his pain was excruciating and try as I might to comfort him, I wasn’t very successful. He cried and cried and cried. He ended up needing a very expensive procedure and now he’s on the mend. Thanks to the insurance policy I purchased from Embrace, I was able to defray the costs of the surgery and save myself money on his meds. Happy isn’t as happy as he was before the accident but he certainly looks and sounds like he feels better. I’m so glad that I purchased pet insurance. My friends thought I was crazy for buying it but now they don’t think twice about purchasing policies for their own pets.

  12. If you ever think you won’t need pet insurance, think again. I once thought that and almost lost my dog to an infection. Without insurance, I would be in debt and not happy. Pet insurance through Embrace not only makes sense, but it a good budget friendly insurance.

  13. My dog Rondo was hit by a car and I felt devastated. But, I had recently purchased Embrace pet insurance and when he had to have 5 different surgeries, the insurance really helped me cover the costs without making me lose my entire savings. I love Rondo and my family loves him, too. I don’t know what we would do without him in our life and having Embrace made it so much easier to care for him and get him back to his happy playful self. I recommend Embrace to family and friends because it’s affordable and they will work for you in times of need.

  14. My mom recently told me about Embrace and I decided that I should look into it as well. I am glad I did. They were professional, knowledgeable, and very polite, and helped me choose the right insurance coverage for my dog. If it’s good for my mom, it’s great for me and she was right. I recommend Embrace to everyone now.

  15. I found Embrace on accident and I was looking for insurance for myself while online. I stumbled on it and figured well I was looking for me, might as well look for Big Ben, my Doberman. I looked through everything that Embrace had to offer and then went and compared them to someone else. Not even close. I went with Embrace and it was worth it. Big Ben and I have grown close over the years, and I am now glad he has insurance so that if something happens to him, he’s covered. Embrace is my choice for insurance and I wish they had human insurance as well!

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