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Cash Net USA Overview

Unlike other Best Payday Loan Companies, Cash Net USA is unique because they are an actual lender, rather than just a loan finding company. In addition, they offer many different options for loan options, depending on what the laws allow in your individual state.

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All of the various loans have the same set of four requirements. First, the applicant must be a US citizen or permanent resident. Second, the applicant must be at least 18 years old. Third, the applicant must have been employed for at least the past month. Last, the applicant must have an active an open checking account. The application process can vary a little and will be explained with the structure of each type of loan below. Cash Net USA creates an online profile for each of its customers, which can take payments, provide the schedule for repayment and even allow for extension requests (if permitted by the state).

Installment and Installment-Payday Loans

An installment loan is usually a medium term loan with a larger principal amount than a payday loan, which is usually repaid within 4-6 months. The process is similar to that of a payday loan except the online application is a 2 step process. The approval is fast and the loan can be funded the very next business day, just like a payday loan. However, the repayment of the loan is gradual, with pre-scheduled payment dates. An installation payday loan involves an installation loan that requires payments on every payday, usually over a 6 month period.

Line of Credit Option

Cash Net USA also offers a type of loan called a line of credit. A line of credit is typically a longer term loan that allows the recipient to draw off the loan as much or as little as needed, up to the maximum amount, without having to apply each time for a new loan. It offers a flexibility that the other types of loans do not. The consumer can repay the loan slowly by paying the minimum amount each month or more quickly, saving money on the interest involved. As with the installation and installation payday loans, there is no prepayment penalty.

Final Review Cash Net USA

Cash Net USA is a unique company since they actually are the lender. They offer multiple types of loans with differing terms and structures. The traditional payday loan requires repayment on the next payday while an installation loan is a longer term loan with a longer repayment schedule. Cash Net USA encourages their customer to pay back their loans s quickly as possible to save money on interest. With the multiple types of loans available at Cash Net USA, you can surely find one that fits your needs.

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4 Reviews

  1. I had to move unexpectedly for my job from the midwest to the western US and I couldn’t believe how much more expensive it was to rent an apartment. I stayed in a scary hotel for a few days to try to figure out what to do since I didn’t have enough for a security deposit. While on the phone with a friend back home he suggested I check on Rockstar to see if I could get a loan. I applied which was fast and easy. I got an approval for $5000 and since the money was in my account ASAP, I found a place the next day.

  2. My sister called me 3 days ago and was in a bind. Her son, my nephew, had fallen off his bike and hurt his knee badly. She was overwhelmed because he needed to go to Urgent Care to be seen but she didn’t have any money. I, being her younger sister, barely have enough to go grocery shopping since I am in college but I couldn’t just hang up on my sister. I told her I had heard of online loan companies and maybe she could try that. I researched and found this great company and sent her the website. She applied that day and the money was there the next day. My nephew had a bad sprain but got a good brace and is on his way to being an active 11 year old again.

  3. Very happy. It was easy and much less annoying the company I used before. I will try them again next time I need another loan.

  4. My elderly dad needed money to help pay for medication but I didn’t have any available to give him. Together we applied online and it was so easy. He couldn’t believe it was safe to do it online but I assured him the website was secure and safe. It did not take long to get a response that he had been approved for a line of credit so he was covered for a few months. It was nice not to have to fill out the application over ad over for small amounts each month and just to be able to draw upon his line. He is already feeling better and I think part of it is because he has less stress. There are lots of options at this company so there is probably something perfect for you.

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