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SugarSync Review

Based in San Mateo, California and launched in 2008, SugarSync’s customer base numbers in the multi-millions. To bring cloud storage and other services to their customers, companies like France Telecom-Orange, Lenovo, Korea Telocom, SanDisk, and BestBuy have chosen SugarSync as a partner. Using all of your mobile devices and computers, SugarSync allows you to sync, back up, share, and access all of your music, photos, movies, and documents wherever you are.

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Benefits of SugarSync

You will not even notice SugarSync working in the background of your computer. They automatically back up everything you do and can restore old versions of files. They have apps for just about any type of smartphone or tablet, so you can have full access to your files from your mobile devices. You can also share files and folders with other people. There are multiple levels of sharing too, including read only and edit. The ease of use and convenience is unprecedented. And their data centers also feature redundant security and around the clock maintenance and monitoring.

Security Benefits

Protecting your files is SugarSync’s number one priority. To ensure data is secure and safe, they utilize the best practices of the online storage industry. They use 256-bit AES as their encryption format for storing data in the cloud. This is the same encryption that financial institutions use for their online transactions. So you can feel safe knowing your data is protected this way. Files are 100 percent secure. SugarSync has simple online data recovery and data protection. Files are sent over the internet to the cloud servers using transport layer security (TLS). And, no matter the device you are using, they keep the same high security levels.

Cost & Storage Space

SugarSync offers five different plans designed to provide solutions for individuals and businesses. The 60 GB storage plan costs $7.49 per month (or $74.99 for a year). The 100 GB is $9.99 per month ($99.99 for a year). The 250 GB for $24.99 a month ($249.99 per year). The 1,000 GB (1TB) costs $55 each month (or $550 for the year). Plans that require more than 1,000 GB (1 TB) are available that are specifically tailored to your business. Also, you can try the plans for free for 30 days.

Support & Help by SugarSync

SugarSync provides support 24 hours per day, seven days a week using a variety of options. There is a substantial FAQ, video tutorial library, and an active discussion forum. You can talk to representatives over live chat. And, you can also submit a support ticket. You can also get phone support at any time if you pay an extra $99.99 per a year. The support agents were incredibly knowledgeable and cheerful.

Final Review of SugarSync

It is easy to understand by SugarSync is one of the industry’s leading online storage products. It is simple to sync your folders and files with the software, there are apps with all the operating systems, and the functionality leads to a seamless experience. This is a solid choice for your cloud storage needs. Thank you for reading our SugarSync review.

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6 Reviews

  1. My photos, documents, audio files, videos and spreadsheets contain years worth of hard work, indelible experiences and money that cannot be restored if they are lost. That is why I have it all backed up on the cloud. Online cloud storage is a viable and inexpensive alternative option to purchasing an external hard drive. I am very pleased with how simple it is to upload files to my cloud. It is as easy as dragging and dropping and the files are instantaneously on my cloud. I can also invite friends to look at pictures and share music with custom link sharing. Access my cloud from my smartphone with the mobile application grants me the ability to enjoy all of my files wherever I am. The convenience and reliability of this cloud storage is a pleasant surprise and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to backup their hard drive.

  2. There is no excuse to not have your hard drive backed up to the cloud. It is cheap and dependable in case of damage to your data. Maybe if you run a large business there would be cause for concern, but for the personal user online storage is the best option.

  3. Being able to focus on appeasing my customers instead of my computers helps my business run smoothly. Everything I need is uploaded to the cloud I can pull it up from anywhere I have a wifi connection. The price is good and the product is even better.

  4. I am constantly transferring work from home to school to my part-time office job. I use Mac Snow Leopard OS on my laptop, school uses Windows Vista and the office that I work at uses Widows XP. Collecting all the files that I have and use on these three operating systems results in a hodgepodge of USB stick drives that are hard to keep track of. I was worried when I decided to put all of my data on a cloud that I may need multiple accounts, but SugarSync supports all three operating systems. Now I simply have to log into SugarSync to access my cloud and the plethora of files that I have from all three different operating systems, My music and movies are on Mac, word documents for college are on Vista and spreadsheets that I use at my job are on XP. With SugarSync, they are all everywhere that I am and that is the convenience that I need.

  5. The flexibility and control of Sugarsync cloud storage is what I need the most. I am a developer and I my needs are constantly evolving with the ever-changing marketplace, as well as how I must evolve to meet what my customers call for. With Sugarsync, I am able to specify what my storage criteria is through a web service API. I can access and modify my storage capacity anytime I need from wherever I may be. The scalability of of Sugarsync is perfect for me; as a developer I am always growing and I cannot be tied down by my cloud’s limitations. The standard interface is uncomplicated and easily navigated. My data and content can always be accessed efficiently and I have yet to run into any obstacles. For the price and the performance, I couldn’t be happier.

  6. Everything these days is using cloud computing. I figured I may as well join the party, so I backed up all my music and photos to cloud storage. It was very easy and very cheap. I am one satisfied customer.

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